Orlando Temple Wedding LDS

Jacqueline & Hamilton’s Elegant Two Day LDS Orlando Temple Wedding

Broken out into two parts, Jacquelyn and Hamilton’s LDS Orlando Florida Temple wedding was followed by a ring ceremony at the Roser Memorial Community Church and reception at IMG Golf Academy in Bradenton.

Our sweethearts story began by meeting one another church, however it wasn’t until the third time the two were introduced that they connected in June of 2014 and started talking, which led to dating. Their proposal was right out of Nicholas Sparks novel and truly warms my heart.

On January 18, 2015, Hamilton brought Jacquelyn on a date to an empty field to set off paper lanterns under the stars. Hamilton had actually surprised Jackie during their very first date with setting off lanterns, which makes it just that more romantic and sentimental. After the lanterns drifted off into the pitch black, night sky, Hamilton dropped to one knee and asked “Jackie, will you marry me?” Jackie of course said yes.

On Thursday, the two celebrated their sealing at the Orlando LDS Temple in Windermere, Florida. Their sealing started off with a surprise first look in front of the sparkling glass doors leading into the temple with an inscription above reading “The House of the Lord.” Hamilton’s reaction to seeing his wife for the first time brings tears to your eyes. You can just sense and feel the overwhelming love the two have for each other. After a handful of shots in front of the entrance, we moved to the side of the temple to catch the shade and take some fun family portraits.

Just like their Dinky Dock engagement, the two were nothing but silly along with their friends and family. It was hard to keep a straight face so we went with big smiles and lots of laughing. After family formals, I always like to scout out new spots on the grounds for newlywed shots. We ventured out to the manicured gardens in front of the temple for some close ups and large scale shots. The two ended the night with a shot hugging one another against the grand backdrop of the absolutely stunning temple.

Day two of their big adventure started off at Jackie’s aunt’s home. The bride and her bridesmaids freshened up and dressed up to prepare for their trip down to Anna Maria, Florida at the Roser Memorial Community Church. While the girls were getting ready, the boys were watching hours of YouTube videos attempting to figure out how to tie a bowtie. Okay, maybe not hours, but they definitely said they watched every single video on YouTube. While Jackie was putting on her gown, Hamilton was entertaining his crew with music. A natural piano player, he can listen to any song and pick it up immediately.

Their Catholic ceremony at the Roser Community Church on Anna Maria Island was led by their dear friend Dre. Dre did a phenomenal job as their wedding officient by incorporating a little bit of playfulness into his spiel. One of my favorite parts was his incorporation of a Dr. Seuss poem portraying the amazing adventures the two will have. The two sealed their love again with a kiss and it was off to the IMG Golf Academy for some dancing!

The IMG Academy Golf Club located in Bradenton, Florida, overlooks a gorgeous water view nestled among a cascading golf course. First dances were extra special with the inclusion of individual brother sister dances for each of Jackie’s three brothers. You might notice double throughout the photos, as Hamilton is actually a twin! His brother Andrew toasted the couple and reminisced on how much he loved his brother and Jackie. After toasts and dining, DJ Keith Waters, another dear friend of the couple, played the latest music to get the crowd up and dancing. The night ended with a flower toss, garter toss, a ton more dancing, and an adorable sparkler send off!


Ceremony Venues: LDS Orlando Florida Temple & Roser Church

Reception: IMG Academy

Floral Design: Oneco Florist

Bridal Salon: Something Blue Bridal Boutique

Wedding Dress: Martina Liana

Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.

Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-1 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-2 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-3 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-4 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-5 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-6

Sealed with a kiss!Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-7 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-8 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-9 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-10 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-11 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-12 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-13 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-14 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-15 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-16 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-17 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-18 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-19

One of my favorite black and whites I have ever taken.  The raw emotion is just so intense and you can feel her love for her husband.Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-20 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-21 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-22 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-23 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-24 Orlando-Temple-Wedding-LDS-25


Jackie’s ring was actually her grandmothers.  Isn’t it just stunning!IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-1 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-2 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-3 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-4 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-5 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-6 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-7 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-8 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-9 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-10 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-11

It is important to me to always take a moment alone with a mom and her daughter.
IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-12 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-13

After many, many instructional how to tie a bowtie videos, the boys gave up and paper clipped them!  Smart thinking 🙂IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-14

IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-15 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-16 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-17 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-18 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-19 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-20 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-21 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-22 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-23 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-24 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-25 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-26 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-27 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-28 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-29 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-30 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-31 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-32 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-33 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-34 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-35 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-36 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-37 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-38 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-39 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-40 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-41 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-42 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-43 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-44 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-45 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-46

It is so important to remember those who cannot be here with you.  Jackie’s father was remembered and celebrated throughout the night and in many of these special pictures.IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-47 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-48 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-49

Time for some dancing!IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-50 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-51 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-52 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-53 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-54

The action in this shot is just fabulous!IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-55 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-56 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-57

Love Jackie and Hamilton’s faces, as they are clearly both slightly scared hehe.IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-58 IMG-Golf-Academy-Wedding-59


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