LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding Photographer

Lina & Caleb’s LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding

Lina  and Caleb tied the knot during their sealing at the LDS Orlando Florida Temple in Windermere, Florida on June 13th. I have had the pleasure of getting to know the two over the past several months from capturing their engagement session to meeting up over coffee. Though as much as I loved their engagement session in Winter Park, I loved their wedding even more.

But of course, how did they meet to make it to such a beautiful day together? Childhood sweethearts, the two met at youth retreat where they shared a common interest of soccer. Well that interest actually led to Caleb spraining Lina’s ankle, but Caleb, being the true gentleman that he is, carried Lina around for days. Them became incredible friends and overtime their friendship turned into deeper feelings. As Lina puts it, “we started to fall in love.”

Love proved to be the glue that held the two together when Caleb had to leave for a mission. After one month away, Caleb proposed to Lina in a letter with a CTR ring as a promise to return to her. Lina waited for two long years for her love to come back, and once he did the wedding planning began!

The sealing started off around 2:00 PM at the LDS Orlando Florida Temple. After their ceremony ended, Caleb prepared himself for his very first look at his beautiful bride. As Lina came out of the doors, everyone fell silent. Her elegant laced dress was dazzling and the love in her eyes as she approached Caleb was absolutely captivating. Caleb’s reaction to seeing his wife for the very first time was incredible. After several kisses and a very long hug the two were ready to mingle with family and start their formal shots around the gorgeous temple.

Two of my favorite shots from their big day, was a landscape view of the two against the massive temple and the same shot against the massive reception building at Orlando South Stake Center, which is right across the street. I also of course love the more intimate shots among the gorgeous large oaks that line a sparkling gray road leading up to the temple.

After formal photos, we headed over to the reception to get ready for their ring ceremony. The ring ceremony is a sweet moment that the two share with family and friends who could not be a part of their sealing. With the sun shining down, the two shared another first kiss and were off to dance the night away with DJ Wafer Pro!

Lina and Caleb’s mother put together the most spectacular reception decorations. From lights and fabric draping the ceiling to the most delicious candy bar, nothing was forgotten. Most importantly though, was the memory table of Lina’s grandmother with one lit candle and the sweetest sign that read “This candle burns in loving memory of those who are forever present in our hearts.” Their special day ended with a vibrant sparkler send off.

Ceremony Venue: Orlando Florida Temple

Reception Venue: Orlando South Stake Center

DJ: Wafer Productions

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  1. “Samantha was so amazing! She took both our engagements and our wedding photos. She cares about your story and you can trust that she is going to find the perfect for you pictures 🙂 and she truly cares about her customers. Our photos are absolutely perfect! I would recommend her to anyone. And she’s super fun to be around and so easy to get along with so that makes everything even better! Lina & Caleb Burke

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