Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Kim & Devin’s Rosen Shingle Creek Wedding

Kim and Devin’s Rosen Shingle Creek wedding in Orlando, Florida was absolutely stunning!  The two met back in December of 2011 through a mutual friend and after chatting over the phone decided to meet in person. For their first date, Devin planned out a super sweet date at the Winter Park Ice Skating Rink. Devin was so “mesmerized” by Kim’s skills on the ice that the date continued on over dinner and throughout the night until the restaurant closed. Their connection was so strong right from the beginning. They just understood one another and since that very first blind date have been inseparable ever since.

Devin’s proposal to Kim was truly just as sweet and genuine as their first date. Kim didn’t realize it, but on the Christmas morning of 2014 her life would change forever. Just like the little girl growing up, she was anxious and excited to exchange gifts with her love. Both woke up super early and ran out to the tree. Kim opened her first gift to find a letter ‘B.’ Devin had given her the letter to add to their love wall in their entryway that is lined with pictures of the two of them. Devin asked her to keep searching the present and she found a little note card with the letter ‘B’ again written out on it. Note that it didn’t hit her she was in the middle of being proposed too! Looking through the box, she looked up in confusion and found Devin down on one knee and said to her that her gift “for Christmas was his last name.” Kim broke out into tears of joy screaming, “is this for real?” She was in such shock and overwhelming tears that looking back she realizes she never formally said yes! But of course, Devin knew what her tears meant. They were tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of utter excitement that she would be spending the rest of her life as Mrs. Brown.

The Brown’s wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek was absolutely beautiful! Kim envisioned a “classic, elegant yet simple day filled with family, friends, love and prayers.” Her color choices were a beautiful light pastel pink, baby blue, and rose white, which were reflected in the flowers, table settings, and dress. The ceremony was held in an intimate room across from the reception ballroom. The ballroom was lined with magnificently large windows bringing in tons of gorgeous natural light. However, when it was time to party we were able to close the windows and turned the beautiful daytime wedding into a vibrant nighttime dance off! Wishing my incredible couple an incredible life together as Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Venue: Rosen Shingle Creek

Coordinator: Taylored Affairs

DJ: Groove Maestros DJ & Lighting Services

Band: Live Duo Performance

Rentals: The Event Source

Florist: Flowers By Lesley

Dress Shop: Allure Bridals

Hair: Salon Restored

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  1. What a sweet love story this beautiful couple has! Their wedding was gorgeous, and you recorded all of the day’s beautiful details perfectly!

  2. This wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek is absolutely beautiful! I’m totally jealous of her blue shoes! You did such a beautiful job capturing their day.

  3. Beautiful wedding in Orlando. I love love love her shoes! You did a great job of capturing the day.

  4. I can’t even with those shoes! Such an fun and lovely Orlando Wedding and you did a great job photographing their memories!

  5. The story of these two is incredible…and you have captured their love so perfectly. This wedding is just gorgeous. And the photographs are so really amazing! Such a talented photographer!

  6. The wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek it’s amazing! So many great photos! I love all those detail shots! Great job capturing the story of this wedding!

  7. The wedding at Rosen Shingle Creek it’s amazing! So many great photos! I love all those detail shots! Great job capturing the story of this wedding!

  8. What a gorgeous wedding. You captured their entire day so beautifully. I really love your detail ring shots. Orlando is lucky to have such a talented wedding photographer.

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