Winter Park Farmers Market Wedding

Leanne & John’s Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding

Leanne and John tied the knot on May 29th at the trendy Winter Park Farmers Market in Winter Park, Florida. The two met over nine years ago in high school through mutual friends. Leanne was a junior and John was a senior. High school sweethearts blossomed to a lasting romance. True to John’s romantic side, he proposed to Leanne during a walk along a boardwalk in Cocoa Village. Leanne knew from the first day she had met him that she wanted to be with him forever, and of course said yes. Little did she know, he had one more surprise up his sleeve. Later that night, John took Leanne to Murdock’s restaurant and had all of their family and closest friends waiting to surprise her!

Right in the heart of Winter Park, the Winter Park Farmers Market welcomes visitors on the weekend to buy local produce, flowers, and trinkets. Situated next to the railroad track, the SunRail passes by regular sounding its horn almost saying hello! While the venue is rustic, it is intimate and perfect for a wedding. Leanne’s vision for her wedding day was “warm and inviting.” They wanted their “guests to feel the love and joy of the day.” Soft touches helped keep the rustic venue intimate and welcoming, ranging from lighted candles floating in water, the letters of L O V E spaced across the bridal party table, hand made table numbers, and tons of pastel flowers. One of my favorite touches was a handmade backdrop for their ceremony filled with fabric ribbons hanging by a wooden bar from the ceiling. Guests crowded in for a close up view of the couple saying their vows and having their first kiss. After we headed out for family, bridal, and newlywed portraits. The dark, red, brick wall was perfect for traditional but fun family portraits. After family portraits, we headed around to the back of the Winter Park Farmers Market building for bridal shots.

The back of the building has massive wooden walls, previously used for hauling goods in and out of the building from the train. It was the perfect spot for more funky bridal party shots of the groomsmen, groom, bride, and bridesmaids. After tons of family and bridal shots, we took a time out for just John and Leanne in the rose garden about a block away from the Winter Park Farmers Market. It is always important to take a moment alone from all of the excitement of the big day for just the bride and groom. The rose garden was the perfect intimate and quiet spot to grab newlywed shots. Leanne is incredibly photogenic and with John by her side they are just an absolutely stunning couple.

The reception was just as important to the two as their ceremony. They both wanted to ensure guests would have a great time on the dance floor partying and keep partying all night long in celebration of their big day. From table signs that read “you can find your seat here, but your place is on the dance floor” to a sweet little ladie’s room kit stating “you look great, now go dance,” they reminded guests to get back to having a fun, carefree time. The open bar helped loosen everyone up and the killer music from Our Dj Rocks kept everyone out on the dance floor dancing the night away. Wishing these two the very best in their journey through life together!

Venue: Winter Park Farmer’s Market

Getting Ready Venue: Comfort Inn & Suites

DJ: Our DJ Rocks

Hair Salon Ciseaux

Makeup: Let’s Make Up by Corrin Hallett

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  1. Author

    I had such an incredible time photographing Leanne, John, and their adorable bridal party!

  2. wow – what an amazing job you did of this gorgeous couple’s wedding photographs. The bride obviously spent a lot of time planning her special day and you captured all those details and moments perfectly. That location in Winter Park is stunning and really set the scene to showcase their love. You did an amazing job!

  3. Samantha, you have a beautiful eye! These are some of the best photos I have seen…you really captured my friend’s special day. I will certainly keep your name handy for any future events.

    1. Author

      Aww thank you so much Katrina! I absolutely adore Leanne’s bridal shots and the close ups are just incredible. I appreciate your comment!

  4. what a beautiful wedding at Winter Park Farmers Market. I love the black and white images especially, so rich and gorgeous!

  5. Love those groom black and white dramatic shots! Lovely work! Looks like the couple had tons of fun!

  6. These are just beautiful! From the bride, groom and family to the details. You captured it all so perfectly! And Winter Park Farmers Market looks like the perfect location for a wedding!

  7. Oh my goodness Winter Park Farmers Market is such a gorgeous location! What a beautiful wedding, I love the pink wedding colors and all the rustic touches!

  8. I love this Farmer’s Market wedding, it looks so relaxed and classic. The bride is simply gorgeous!

  9. Now I kinda want to remarry my husband just to have a wedding at Winter Park Farmers Market hehe. Beautiful photographs!

  10. Gorgeous wedding photos!! The Winter Park Farmers Market looks like the perfect place to get married! I love all of the detail shots your captured. Amazing job!

  11. Winter Park Farmer’s Market looks amazing! This is such a beautiful wedding, and there were so many beautiful details and great photo op locations! This bride and groom must be thrilled!

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