Mead Botanical Garden

Erin & Brian’s Mead Botanical Garden Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Erin and Brian met our photographer Whitney out at gorgeous Mead Botanical Garden for their stunning engagement.  Florida rain showers held out just long enough to grab so many beautiful images!

How They Met

Brian and I met in Auburn, AL in 2012 (War Eagle)! We met through mutual friends who we still remain close with to this day. I tried to play “hard to get” and make myself “unavailable” but that didn’t last long. We immediately became best friends, lovers, and partners in crime!

What They Love Most

Erin about Brian: Brian and I make a great team! Our friends and family are a huge part of our lives. We enjoy time with everyone, but also enjoy just being at home!

Brian about Erin: Brian is a go with the flow, spontaneous kind of guy. I am organized and prefer a plan of action. Brian brings me out of my comfort zone, but at the same time I manage to keep us grounded when needed.

The Proposal

In the time leading up to our engagement, I had no idea. We had discussed marriage and our future, and I knew it could be on the horizon, but I was completely surprised by his proposal.

In October, Brian and I had gone on a routine trip to Sarasota to visit his family. I was told that we were having dinner with his family and would meet up with friends the next day.

In a private moment, Brian got down on one knee and asked the famous four words “will you marry me?” Obviously, my response was YES!

The surprise didn’t end there…

As we take the short walk to his moms to tell her the news, I am calling my family over and over again. No one is answering! My mom finally answers and says “let me call your right back, I’m at the store” before I could say anything.

So, Brian and I get to his moms, she opens the door to let us in and SURISE! My mom is not at the grocery store! She’s inside, along with my dad, my sister, Brian’s sister, his dad, and stepmother. The tears and champagne flow as we celebrated!

We all headed to dinner, and continued the celebration the following day with Auburn football and chicken wings!

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