Afton & Mike’s Winter Garden Engagement

Afton and Mike met me out in downtown Winter Garden for their adorable engagement session.  A special spot to the two, they visit the area often for dinner and weekends off from work to enjoy the farmers market.  I must say, it was such a blast to capture these two in their fav attire – matching floral shirts!  I love when couples bring their personal style our sessions.

Having met in June of 2014, the two never thought that they would meet their forever love at work.  Afton had just started an internship in the Events department, while Mike had been working on the sales team at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World.  Starting out as colleagues, the two ventured into dating and finally a beautiful relationship.
Asking both what they love most about one another, Afton explained that “it’s hard to exactly put into words what I love most about Mike.  I don’t think I’ve ever been as comfortable around somewhat as I am with him; he embraces my quirks and will make me alight until I cry.”  Afton also lovingly mentioned that she had a “good feeling” about Mike from the moment they met and knew he was someone worth having in her life.  Not only are the best friends, but also everything she didn’t know she needed in a partner.
For Mike, Afton truly just “gets” him.  Being able to sense his feelings, thoughts, and emotions without ever having to ask, Mike explained that she has a way to just make him feel comfortable when he is uneasy, happy, or feeling down.  Mike further explained that they also share the same goals in life, which makes their journey together seamless.  Reminiscing back to when they first met, Mike explained that “I couldn’t help myself from wanting to see her more and more.  I truly am addicted to her! I’m so grateful we get to share a life together.”
Knowing that Afton was the one for him, Mike began planning his proposal to incorporate a special place both their lives and the lives of Afton’s parents.  Afton was actually named after Afton, MN where her father first told her mother that he loved her.  An incredibly special place to her family, Mike knew he had to include it in his proposal.  Planning a trip to Minnesota right before Christmas to see Afton’s family, the two spent the day visiting – you guessed it! – Afton, MN to enjoy the area.  Staring their evening out at wine bar before dinner at the Afton House Inn, the two were shocked to find that they were the only ones dining that night.  Seeing the surprise on Mike’s face, Afton definitely didn’t expect what was to come.  After a lovely dinner, the two asked their waitress Peggy to take a picture of them by the Christmas tree.  In on what was about to happen, Peggy helped distract Afton while Mike got down on one knee, ring ready in his hand.  Turning to see Mike, Afton’s eyes flooded with tears immediately as she realized the beautiful moment they were in.  Proceeding to ask Mike, “what are you doing?” as she was still very much so in shock, it took a few moments for her to finally respond “YES!”
Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at the beautiful Club Lake Plantation in Apopka, Florida this coming January!

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