Montserrat Spain

Montserrat, Spain

Montserrat, Spain

While I loved the busy streets and abundance of museums Barcelona had to offer, a day trip was well needed outside of the city.  I toiled back and forth between Girona, Costa Brava, and Montserrat, knowing that there would only be enough time for one.  Most know Girona for the many features it has had in the Game of Thrones.  The little town filled with medieval architecture reminds me of the Gothic quarter in Barcelona, but on a larger scale.  Costa Brava, filled with salty seas and beaches, would have been a beautiful spot to layout and catch some sun, but honestly we have plenty of that in the sunny state of Florida.  High up in the mountains on rocky cliffs, a small monastery can be found in the town of Montserrat.  Landscape for miles around the cascading cliffs and an interesting history drew me to it and ended up being picked as the location of choice to visit.

Santa Maria de Montserrat

Montserrat is a religious town that was created after the finding of the black Madonna, also known as the Virgin of Montserrat.  Believed to have been carved in Jerusalem, the Virgin of Montserrat is a small statue that draws quite a bit of tourism to the town.  Of course the Santa Maria de Montserrat along with the L’Escolania choir, boys’ choir, are both also important to see if time allows.

Taking a moment to appreciate the abbey before heading out to explore, we climbed the trail that leads around the town to take in the views down below.  The rocks have an intriguing formation that draws the eye up, feeling as though they are growing upwards.  The walk boasted many sculptures and crosses from local artists in addition to the panoramic views.

Local Farmers

Before hopping back on the bus, it was nice to taste local cheese from one of the handful of stands that are set up on the way back to the bus pickup area.  Meeting the artisan cheese-makers who had worked mountainous farms passed down from generation to generation, was just as much as a treat of the town itself.

Montserrat Spain Montserrat Spain Montserrat Spain Montserrat Spain

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