Wedding Send Off Ideas

Bridal Tips: Wedding Day Send Off

From start to finish, your wedding day will feel like a whirlwind of excitement that goes by much too fast!  However, why not celebrate the ending of a beautiful day with a fabulous send off.  For this month’s edition of Bridal Tips, send off idea planning will be our topic of choice.  Why shouldn’t you say goodbye in style!

1. Sparklers – an all time favorite, sparkler send offs will definitely send you off with a bang!  Little lighted sparks lining the send off aisle always remind me of the 4th of July, just a slightly milder version of course.  Make sure you opt for sparklers that are at least 20″ long, as the generic version you can purchase almost everywhere will not last more than a minute.  Longevity is important so that you have a full aisle of sparklers lit up by every guest for your entire goodbye.  Safety note, many venues do not allow sparklers due to potential hazard – make sure to check with your venue to see if they are allowed.  Ps. don’t forget the lighters!  Pss.  Seriously how cute are Danielle and Trey!

Wedding Day Send Off Ideas

2. Bubbles – one of my absolute favorite, and safest, send off ideas is the use of bubbles!  Guests seem to delight in the excitement of feeling like a kid again by grabbing a little bubble pack to help send off our couple with.  Sophia and Dan danced their way down the send off aisle as they headed out to their honeymoon.  As much as I love bubbles, there is one huge ‘con’ that goes along with them – the amount.  Make sure you opt for a larger size party favor version as the smaller tubes will be gone before you exit – let’s just say guests get a little overzealous.  Another fabulous idea to counterbalance the potential smaller amount of bubbles is to use a bubble machine in the backdrop that starts a few minutes before it is time to say goodbye.

Wedding Day Send Off Ideas

3. Raise the Roof! – I love just a simple and fun send off of guests lining the aisle with their hands up in the air cheering our sweethearts goodbye.  From high fives to sweet hugs, it gives guests a chance to give a quick goodbye kiss or hug on the cheek to our couple without having to hold anything.  Celeste and Alan’s send off was truly as sweet as they are!

Wedding Day Send Off Ideas Wedding Day Send Off Ideas

4. Streamers – a great party favor to take home and to use at send off, streamers are super cute and super safe.  Kristen and Tim opted for streamers for their send off before exiting by car for the night.  A few additions you can add are custom text to the streamer ribbon of your names and wedding date!

Wedding Day Send Off Ideas

5. Pom Poms – a silly and adorable idea, little colorful pom poms are definitely a hit with guests!  I love that pom poms are also kid friendly, as most of our littler guests tend to immediately clean up after the send off by stuffing pom poms in their pockets to take home.  John and Leanne had a blast exiting down the stairs to their getaway car for the night!

Wedding Day Send Off Ideas

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