Orange Grove Engagement

Anna & Corey’s Orange Grove Engagement

I just need to say that these two absolutely melt my heart… and now on to their story 🙂

Anna and Corey met me out at a secret spot of mine in a beautiful orange grove near Tampa this past week for a beautiful, morning engagement session. The two actually met back in high school when Corey was a senior and Anna was a junior. Ironically enough, Anna had a class with Corey’s best friend who thought that they would be a match made in heaven. After introducing the two, they hit it off and have been together ever since.

Highschool sweethearts may be where their story begins, but is surely just the beginning. The two love absolutely everything about one another and as Anna puts it simply, “we are best friends.” However if both had to choose just one thing that they love about the other, it would be that both felt that they each love one another unconditionally through their supporting nature each and every day.

Their proposal was just as sweet as how they met. Anna just loves manatees and even though she is a Florida native, she has never seen the adorable sea cows up close. Corey decided to plan out a trip to Blue Springs this past December so Anna could swim with the manatees, but also had another surprise up his sleeve – or should I say wet suit hehe. After swimming with the manatees, the two came back to the water’s edge and sat down for a quiet moment alone away from the group. On a sweet little bench overlooking the manatees migrating, Corey cuddled Anna up in his arms. As they were watching the manatees swim by, Corey dropped to one knee and proposed to his darling Anna. Of course, Anna said yes and jumped into his arms. It was truly a beautiful engagement.

Looking forward to capturing these two on their big day!

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  1. How amazing to have an engagement session at an orange grove near Tampa! When I think of Florida I think of alligators, Disney World and orange trees. I love the morning sun leaking over the tops of the trees. It adds so much romance to the engagement photos.

  2. What a beautiful couple! You have captured their engagement so well!! The Orange groves were the perfect pick for location…and that gorgeous hazy light.

  3. This Tampa orange grove is such perfect spot for an engagement session. Not to mention Anna and Corey are adorable! They look so sweet and comfortable together-that is a best friend kind of love 🙂 which of course is the best! Congrats!

  4. What a sweet proposal story and a lovely couple! Gorgeous locations for an engagement shoot, too! Well done!

  5. These two are so sweet! I love the orange grove location in Tampa, perfection.

  6. Hi! I was just wondering which orange grove in Tampa these engagement photos were taken at? Thank you!

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