Park Ave CDs Record Shop Engagement

Kellie & Austin’s Record Shop Engagement

Kellie and Austin met me out at Park Ave CDs for a retro, music inspired engagement session this past week. Three of their absolute favorite things are music, candy, and of course one another. I knew that when planning the shoot, I had to incorporate these three passions all in one lovely package to be able to deliver on their vision.

After searching and calling many music shops, Park Ave CDs kindly opened their doors to a neat session. From records of new and old music to CDs, the shop is truly the coolest little spot to listen to music in Winter Park. I loved how their records poured out of the aisles in bins, baskets, and tables begging for customers to take a moment and enjoy the sound.

Austin is actually an avid guitar player and music connoisseur. He loved the shop as soon as we walked in and his darling Kellie was excited to see the one other surpise I had in my camera bag. Before heading to the shoot, I stopped over at Rocket Fizz to grab bubble gum and lollipops. It was the perfect little add in for our shoot. As we walked around the shop blowing bubbles and listening to music, the two told me about how they met and what they loved about one another.

The two actually met back in Halloween of 2013 through mutual friends. Little did they realize at first how many times their paths had crossed in the past, but didn’t realize it. From their moms going to the same high school, to a big ski group both traveled on, their journey through life had overlapped on multiple occasions without realizing it.

After dating for a few years, Austin just new that Kellie was “the one.” On the day before Halloween, Austin asked Kellie to join him in Saint Augustine for a day spent with friends. The two met up at the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in the heart of downtown Saint Augustine, Florida, right on the water. Austin grabbed Kellie’s hand as soon as he saw her arrive and walked her up to the beautiful, historic structure. Right in that historic spot, Austin asked for Kellie’s hand in marriage. Of course she said yes and the rest is history!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop!

Venues: Park Ave CDs & Mead Botanical Garden

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  1. What a fun and so unique engagement session! A CD record store seemed like a perfect spot for this music loving couple. And i love the shots of Austin playing his guitar for Kelly. Great job

  2. What a great engagement session! Love the music theme – and the CD store was the perfect location! This beautiful couple looks like a lot of fun and I look forward to seeing their wedding photos!

  3. I love Kellie and Austin’s Park Ave CDs Record Store Engagement session! It is always so nice to read a story and the reason behind the location choice for a session. I bet they are so in love with all of the gorgeous images you captured for them!

  4. Such a great idea to do an engagement session at Park Ave CDs in Orlando. It reminds me of the movie Empire Records, which was a favorite of mine as a teenager. I love when photographers are able to add something special into their sessions and connecting the groom’s love of music to the record shop is perfect. And I think you did a beautiful job on the outdoor portion of the engagement session.

  5. No better place than a record store for a musician’s engagement session! What a fun portrait shoot! And then the outside part with the guitar? Awesome! I will be watching for this wedding because I bet it will be full of fun!

  6. This is such a fun engagement session! I love that you were able to include the couple’s love for music in their session! Park Ave Record store in Orlando is the perfect place for this couple’s engagement photography session!

  7. Oh my goodness these are so stinken adorable. I love how these showcase them. Lovely Orlando locations for this engagement session.

  8. What a fun and unique engagement session! I love the you incorporated their love of music by taking photos at a music shop! That must make these so special to the couple, You really captured the love and bond that these two share, they look totally smitten with each other! Can’t wait to see their wedding photos this summer!

  9. What a fun engagement session and for it to be in a CD store makes it even more interesting. I love how you created such romantic and simplistic images with nothing but Park Ave Music Store in Orlando as a backdrop; very creative. This entire gallery of images is a musician’s dream.

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