The White Room Wedding

Caroline & Brian’s Classical Wedding at The White Room

Caroline and Brian tied the knot during their beautiful wedding on the rooftop of The White Room in downtown Saint Augustine.  Overlooking the Bridge of Lions and Matanzas River, the two said their “I Do’s” and shared their very first kiss among friends and family.

What made their venue so special, in addition to being absolutely fabulous, was that it was just over the river from where Brian proposed to his darling Caroline at the Saint Augustine Lighthouse.

Our day started off with Caroline getting ready with her girls at the Casa Monica Resort & Spa.  With the girls ready to head out, we pushed up our first look at the Lightner Museum.  Brian met me in the lobby of the stunning hotel and we headed a block over to the museum to find the prefect spot.  Tucked away off of a winding hallway, we found a gorgeous and very romantic spot that was free of tourists.  As Brian felt Caroline approach him for their first look, I could just tell how excited he was for what was to come.

First look photos are such a beautiful time for a couple.  Romantic, airy, and light hearted, the two are able to have a moment alone before the big moment among all of their guests. With first look photos wrapped up, we headed to the front of the museum for family portraits.  By balancing the use of flash lighting along with the epic scenery, we grabbed a couple of family and wedding party portraits before heading over to The White Room.

The balcony of The White Room sets a truly grand stage for a wedding.  Overlooking the beautiful river, bridge, and many yachts, it is the perfect spot for a Saint Augustine Wedding.  My couple’s ceremony was short and intimate, with focus on the two of them coming together as one on their journey through life together.

Opting for our intimates package, my sweethearts had the most important moments captured without sacrificing the wedding budget.  Wishing these two a beautiful life together!

Venues: The White Room & Lightner Museum

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