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Maria & Evan’s Puppy Love Engagement

Orlando Engagement

Maria and Evan met me out at Lake Louisa with their two pups for their adorable puppy love engagement.  I love their winter inspired attire and how they incorporated the whole family.

My sweet duo met back in January of 2017 through a dating app.  Inviting Maria out on a first date to the theater, the two arrived early to get to know one another and soon sparks flew.  Taking their relationship slowly, the two started off as friends, which eventually evolved into so much more.  Now together for the past three years, they cannot wait to tie the knot.

Maria and Evan both fell in love with how similar they are in the passions they share, ranging from football, to traveling, to Pub subs – I mean who doesn’t love Publix – and of course their pups, Skye and Penny!

With so much love between them, Evan and Maria knew that they had found their forever.  Planning out a trip to Europe with Evan and their friends, Maria wasn’t expecting her very thorough itinerary to have an extra add-in surprise.  Enjoying their first day in Lucerne, the weather showed chilly rainy weather for their next planned out day, which was to hike Mt. Titlis.  Asking the group if they wanted to switch plans, they all agreed to keep to the itinerary.  Well sure enough the weather prediction was correct, but they made the best of it.  Exploring Glacier Cave, a literal ice cave inside the mountain, Maria spotted frozen flowers at the end of the cave.  Walking over with Evan to admire them, Evan asked their friends Cari and Mikey to snap a photo of the two of them.  Turning back to Evan, Maria found him down on one knee holding a beautiful engagement ring.  Asking Maria to marry him, she immediately began to cry and of course said, “YES!”

As Evan explained, “Maria thought she had planned the perfect vacation, not knowing that I had plans to make it better than she could ever imagine.”  Maria reminisced that, “Evan managed to pull off a perfect proposal in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

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