Orlando Engagement Session

Nicole & Charles’ Navy & Maroon Engagement

Orlando Engagement Session

Nicole and Charles met me out at Leu Gardens for their Orlando engagement session.  Nicole’s first time to the gardens and Charles’ third time or so, we just knew it would be such a pretty spot for the backdrop of capturing their love.

How They Met

Friends at first, my couple’s story began by meeting one another through being members of Trinity United Methodist Church.  Nicole had first met Charles when she joined the young adult bible study group that he had already been a part of.  From first sight, Charles noticed had stunningly beautiful Nicole was inside and out.  While he had wanted to ask Nicole out, he at first decided not too since she had plans of leaving for graduate school outside of the area.  However when she ended up deciding to stay another year, he asked her on a date, and the rest is history!

What They Love Most

Known for being the “lawyer guy” who liked to debate in conversations in their circle of friends, Nicole also knows Charles for his compassion and willingness to help others.  As she explains, “I love his sense of humor and am always up for one of his dad jokes.  We share in our love of God and he helps keep me strong in my faith.  I love how he thinks more deeply about things than I normally do, and how he pushes me to think beyond that.”

For Charles, what first attracted him to Nicole was “her thoughtful consideration of everything she says.”  He also explained that in addition to this, he also loves her kindness, intelligence, love of God, and of course how beautiful she is.  As Charles dotes, “I’m blessed to be looking forward to a future with her by my side.”

The Proposal

Planning his proposal to Nicole, Charles had picked a date and invited their close friends to join a celebratory party afterwards featuring Nicole’s favorite BBQ restaurant.  While driving down from Tallahassee for the proposal she didn’t know was coming, Nicole unfortunately got in an accident before she got out of Tuscaloosa.  Immediately, Charles hopped in his car and drove up to be with her, cancelling the proposal plans.

Second time around, Charles decided that his plan to propose would be more spontaneous.  He kept the ring close with him and on March 4th saw his moment to pop the question.  After a lovely dinner with Nicole’s sister, the two drove to Dorothy B. Oven Park to enjoy the last bit of sunset coming down.  Talking about their future, Charles turned to Nicole, got down on one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage.  It truly could not have been a more perfect, unplanned moment.  Oh, and of course Nicole said, “yes!!!”

Wedding Advice

Just like the unexpected change in plans for Charles’ first attempt to propose, my couple explained that as they plan their wedding day “marriage is a lifetime – when things don’t turn out exactly how you want it for the wedding day, remember the wedding is just a path to the goal of spending your lives together.”

Looking forward to capturing Nicole and Charles tie the knot November of 2019 at their church, First United Methodist Church, and afterwards celebrate the night away at the Banyan Estate!


Venue: Leu Gardens

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