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Catching Butterflies and Fishing Family Session

Butterfly chasing and fishing in the pond was the perfect fun activities for the Stainthorpe family portraits.

You may remember little Ivy from her adorable portraits with Angel, her white mini pony. Ivy in one word is quite the ‘character.’ Her enthusiasm, laughter, and smile would truly brighten anyone’s day. Our session started off right by a little wildflower area among bushes and trees. Ivy helped me with ‘catching flowers,’ as we used her fishing net to net some petals.

Mommy Brook and daddy Jon joined in on the fun with some beautiful family portraits and kisses from their little one. Grandma Tata came along as well and I just adore the grandma-granddaughter portraits we captured of just the two of them.

After catching wildflowers, we headed off in search of bridges and ponds, but first stumbled upon a beautiful purple flower tree – forgive me as I do not have a green thumb so tree identification isn’t one of my specialties, but it sure was pretty! Ivy and daddy Jon had a couple of laughs while Ivy showed him the flowers she was picking from the tree.

Some of my favorite photos from our session are little Ivy looking at mommy and daddy. It is that little twinkle in her eye that speaks volumes of the love she feels from her happy little family.

Our session ended with splashing in the water and playing pretend fishing before calling it a night. Looking forward to many more years of capturing my sweet friends and seeing little Ivy grow and grow.

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