Tampa Powder Paint Engagement

Katrina & Jeff’s Powder Paint St. Pete Engagement

Katrina and Jeff met me out in St. Petesburg for their engagement session that incorporated a little bit of paint and a whole lot of fun. The two actually met on Match.com, which many of my couples have used to find their special someone. At the time, Jeff had just graduated and moved from Atlanta to St. Pete for his career and Katrina had transferred from FSU to USF to finish up her degree. While she loves her hometown, she quickly realized that she was “stuck in the same city and people I grew up with.” In turn, they both turned to Match.com and struck gold when landing on one another’s profile. Katrina had me laughing with her comment that, “we both turned to Match to meet new people, since that was back in the day before the ease of swiping left or right on an app was available.” Ahhh, I wonder who will be my first swiped couple in the future haha.

Katrina and Jeff I might add are quite characters. The two planned a few props out that started off with a beer bong and ended with eating pizza, however we ended up scraping a few of the options due to as Katrina puts it, “hot and sweaty St. Pete.” While it was hot, very hot, we totally made the most of our session. I have to admit I had really been looking forward to their engagement session, because it was the first powder paint one I would have captured.

Of course though, before getting down and dirty with our powder paint, we paused to take some beautiful pictures of the two beneath the large banyan trees and by a beautiful trellis walk way. After a few darling photos of the two pre-paint, I had them change and we drove to find a new location that was both shaded and a little quieter for our paint throwing.

The two literally had me cracking up the entire session and I totally agree with what they both love most about one another. Katrina loves the way Jeff is the “calm to the storm,” the storm being her hahaha, but as she puts it he truly makes her a better person in so many ways as he helps balance her. She also loves his weird, sarcastic kind of humor and the fact he risked his life to overcome… a cat allergy through inadvertently inheriting all three of her furry babies. Now if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! Jeff loves the Katrina can always bring a smile to his face through how funny she is in making him laugh all of the time. He even loves the little things like how she can’t tell a lie even when she tries or how she waits for him to order so she can order the same thing. As Jeff puts it, “so pretty much I love everything about her.”

With so much love and laughter, these two are clearly a perfect match. Jeff knew that there was no one else in the world who could bring a bigger smile to his face, warmth in his soul, and laughter in his heart. When he was ready to propose, he knew that it had to incorporate a little fun for the two of them. Their proposal started off with the two making plans to celebrate Christmas in Chicago for a true “white Christmas” filled with snow. However, contrary to their plans, it was a little bit hot out and the snow hadn’t come quite yet. Jeff planned out a special trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo and told Katrina that they had to be at the zoo at a specific time, because they would be feeding all of the animals – and she bought it! First off, Katrina, all of the animals? I mean take me with you – hahaha! Any who, since they went early in the morning, all of the animals were out and about ready for breakfast, which matched Jeff’s story perfectly. Wandering around for a bit, they finally made it to where a photographer was waiting for them (granted Katrina did not know at the time he was there especially for them!) The scenery was captivating and the perfect spot for a special moment. Asking for a picture with their cell phone and the photographer offering a professional picture, Katrina almost walked away insisting they were about to be sold on buying a print. Jeff brought her back to him, dropped to one knee, and asked for her hand in marriage with the Chicago skyline right behind them. Of course, Katrina said yes – oh and bought the print!

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot at Casa Feliz Wedding and Event Venue Winter Park, FL in March of next year!

Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-1 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-2 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-3 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-4 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-5 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-6 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-7 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-8 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-9 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-10 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-11 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-12 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-13 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-14 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-15 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-16 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-17 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-18 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-19 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-20 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-21 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-22 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-23 Powder-Paint-Engagement-Photography-Tampa-Engagement-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-24Check out the images of my sweet couple’s proposal captured on camera.  *Photographer unknown.Chicago-Zoo-Engagement

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