Orlando Firefighter Engagement

Abbey & Irvin’s Firefighter Engagement

Firefighter Engagement

Abbey and Irvin met me out at beautiful Leu Gardens for their gorgeous engagement session.  After venturing around the beautiful park, we headed back outside for a quick “costume” change into their firefighter gear.  Both first responders, it was pretty killer to be able to include a little bit of silliness and their passion for being firefighters into their portraits.

Having met in the summer of 2017, Abbey was volunteering at a fire station that Irvin worked at.  Keeping it professional, the two never thought much more of one another than just being colleagues until they hit it off one day while hanging out outside of work.  At the time, Irvin was in the process of switching departments, and once his role opened Abbey was hired on.  Friends for several months, Irvin invited Abbey out to go rock climbing on what was “not a date” that turned into a date leading to the two realizing that there was something more between them.

Falling in love with how selfless and a hard worker Irvin is, Abbey explained that Irvin “will do whatever he can to help someone else out and will always try and think about my needs and feelings, along with making sure I have everything I need even if that makes more work for him.”  Of course his goofball personality always brings a smile to Abbey’s face too!

For Irvin, Abbey’s patience is one of the key attributes he fell in love with, along with how she can just read his mind.  As Irvin explains, “I love that she’s patient with me when I get carried away and lose track of time.  I love that she knows how to tell me that I’m wrong, but still makes me fill like I’m right.  I love her positivity and how she always tried to look on the bright side.”  And of course, he also loves that even if he has had a bad day, Abbey will always try to make it better.

Engagement on Irvin’s birthday, Abbey never saw his proposal coming and was completely surprised.  Having spoken about marriage during their relationship, Irvin knew that when he popped the question that he wanted it to truly be a surprise.  Inviting their friends along for the shindig celebration, Irvin headed out in one car with his guys, while Abbey headed out in another with her girls.  Completely thrown off when she arrived, she found that the whole place was already decorated.  As she walked along the walkway to the deck, Abbey noticed many hand drawn pictures of moments from their relationship, and more specifically how they first met.  Standing at the end of the walkway under a gazebo was Irvin waiting for her.  The location was actually so much more than just a beautiful spot at the restaurant, but actually the location here they shared their first kiss.  Taking Abbey’s hand, Irvin asked her to marry him, and she of course said, “yes!”

More surprised kept coming that night when Abbey turned around to find both of their families standing with their friends, and an additional surprise of their extended family inside to celebrate with them!

Looking forward to capturing Abbey and Irvin tie the knot this coming May at their hometown church in Cocoa!

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