Orlando Garden Engagement

Sharlyne & Christopher’s Garden Engagement – Captured by Samantha

Orlando Garden Engagement

One of my favorite places to visit to enjoy gorgeous natural Florida foliage, Leu Gardens, was also the location for Sharlyne and Christopher’s engagement session. Dressed beautifully in white and pastel blues, the two had a chic dressy casual look that was perfect for their photos.

How They Met

To think, their story began just over six years ago when the two met at work back in September of 2012. Both having just been promoted, they hit it off immediately and became close friends. Whether it was going to the movies or grabbing dinner, they spent many days together having fun. Their friendship over the years became deeper for Chris. When he first admitted to having feelings for Sharlyne, feelings that were more than just being friends, she said that she was concerned it would ruin their friendship.

Attempting to continue on as friends was just too hard for Chris. His heart and his mind knew he loved Sharlyne so much more and in turn “broke up” as Sharlyne explains it, with her since she did not feel the same way. Well that break up only lasted one week before Sharlyne called Chris about a situation that occurred, which she needed his help for. Dropping everything, he immediately came to help her and the two began spending time together once again. During their “break up” week though, Sharlyne thought deeply about Chris and his feelings. Little did he know that when he came to her rescue, she had finally admitted to herself that she felt they were so much more than just friends as well. As my couple explains, “even though we were scared of messing up our friendship we decided that our feelings for each other were stronger than anything else and decided to give this relationship a chance.” Now almost five years later, they truly made one of the best decisions of their lives and have been inseperable ever since taking a chance on love.

What They Love Most

Falling in love started from the beginning. Sharlyne loves how incredibly “thoughtful, kind hearted, and caring person” that he is and always has been with her and those around him. As she explains, “he sometimes goes out of his way to help out people he doesn’t even know and that is something that I really admire in him. He inspired me to be a better person to others. Chris is that type of person that restores your faith in humanity with small acts of kindness to complete strangers.”

For Chris, he fell in love with how Sharlyne accepts him for who he is. “No matter what happens she is always there for me and for others. I am who I am today because of her” as he explains. Sharlyne loves deeply, cares endlessly, and fully supports Chris, their relationship, and their family and friends. These three values built the foundation for the love to grow, and what continue to sustain it.

The Proposal

A weekend getaway to St. Augustine, including a wine tasting and vineyard tour, planned by Chris was actually an intro to proposing to Sharlyne. However, as many of my couple’s proposals go, sometimes plans change at the drop of a hat.

Waking up the morning of their wine tasting, Sharlyne didn’t feel too well so they decided to switch plans and instead do a sightseeing tour around the city (curveball number one of changing his proposal plan!). Another plan Chris had for their time in the historic city was to take a carriage ride, but while passing the horses Sharlyne wasn’t too interested (curveball number two of changing his proposal plan!). As they toured the city, Chris aligned their path with visiting the lighthouse, but not having air condition when they reached the top, Sharlyne asked to leave not long after arriving (curveball number three of changing his proposal plan!). However this is where curveball number three only slightly changed – as they started making their way down the lighthouse, Chris knew it was now or possibly never since Sharlyne kept throwing all of the changes in to his plans. Stopping by a small window to “catch his breath,” Sharlyne noticed how Chris was slightly shaking and rather sweaty – ball full of nerves for what was to come. Reaching into his pocket, he took out the ring and dropped to one knee. While he had an entire speech planned for what he wanted to say when proposing to Sharlyne, he forgot it instantly and instead the words that came from his heart were, “you know I love you. Will you marry me?” Simple, sweet, and so true of his love for Sharlyne, which of course she said, “yes!”

As they made their way home that day from their getaway to St. Augustine, Chris took Sharlyne on many detours of “interesting spots” he saw. Little did Sharlyne know that he was trying to buy her mom time for putting together a surprise engagement party upon their arrival. Finally arriving home and walking up to the door, they were greeted by their family and closest friends who were all waiting to celebrate the beautiful occasions with them. Shocked, Sharlyne CLOSED THE DOOR! Yes, that’s right yet again another curveball, but this time Chris stopped Sharlyne and opened the door to go in. She was just so utterly confused, overwhelmed, and excited to see so many people she loved that she became nervous and yes, closed the door. Of course everyone was laughing up a storm when the door opened back up, but shortly after hugs and kisses followed, along with congratulations.

Looking forward to our team capturing Sharlyne and Christopher’s wedding at NOAH’S Event Venue in April!


Venue:Harry P. Leu Gardens

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