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Billy & Joshua’s Rollins College Engagement

Rollins College Engagement

A destination engagement, Billy and Joshua’s Rollins College engagement in Winter Park was such a treat to photograph.  Talking for the past few months, I was so excited to finally meet these two in person while they were down on vacation in the sunny state of Florida.

Facebook Friends

Love first began for my sweethearts back in December of 2016.  Joshua friending Billy on Facebook, waited a few months until finally sending Billy a Facebook message on March 28th of 2017.  Chatting online, the two moved to texting, and before long phone calls and FaceTime soon ensued.  Realizing their connection online and over phone, Billy took a chance and traveled to Killen Texas on May 26th of that year to meet Joshua in person.  Falling in love was easy, as it felt like they had known one another their whole lives; and since that day have been together ever since.

Falling in Love

Billy, as Joshua explains, is a “kind-hearted, passionate, and dedicated person to others.”  Falling in love with these traits, Joshua further explained, “from his dedication to his country through his service in the United States Army Reserves to his love for his nieces and nephews, his love is never-ending… he brings light into my life.”  For Billy, he fell in love with Joshua’s “dedication, motivation, and love.”  As Billy dotes on Joshua, “not only is Joshua dedicated to serving his country, but he is also part of an organization that fights for ours and others rights.  No matter what the task is, he completes it regardless of what challenges make come with it.”

A New Year’s Proposal

Planning out his proposal to Billy, he wanted to ensure to include his niece and nephews in the magical moment, along with the help of his sister to direct the little ones.  Creating a poster that read “will you marry our uncle,” Joshua proposed to Billy on New Year’s of 2018.  The ball had just dropped when it all began.  Laying out rose petals in the shape of a heart, Billy was surprised to find Joshua on one knee with his niece and nephew holding up their sign.  The moment was absolutely perfect, and of course Billy said, “yes!”

Tying the knot up north, the two picked Florida for a destination engagement during Billy’s deployment.  Envisioning lush green foliage on a warm and sunny day, verses the chilly cold, the two knew it would be the perfect add in to their trip!

A big congratulations to my sweethearts on their engagement and upcoming wedding day!

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