Orange Grove High School Senior Portrait Photography

Orange Grove Senior Portraits with Halle

From vast fields to orange groves, Halle Phillips’ smile stole the spotlight. This Ocoee High School senior is excited to graduate as part of their 2015 class and start the next chapter in her life at college. Our shoot started off in a forgotten grassy field that was burnt shades of brown by the sun. Halle was very daring to dive right into the middle of it all for some wide landscape shots.

After the filed, we headed over to another natural setting with some unnatural pieces. Industrial building supplies from concrete blocks to piping dotted the forest against its massive oak trees. I love how Halle’s warm smile brings life into the cold stones.

Finishing off our shoot we ventured over to an orange grove that smelled wondrous with orange blossoms. I felt like it was right out of a magical story tale; a scene missed in Alice of Wonderland. The orange blossoms called your name to stay and wander through the hundreds of acres of groves. Many of the oranges were still blooming, as they waited for their day to come. Wishing this gorgeous girl a gorgeous year ahead.

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  1. Halle, I had such a fabulous time shooting you! Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and looking forward to your homecoming pictures!

    xo, Samantha

  2. Thank you so much Samantha what a beautiful photo shoot and you made Halle feel so at ease and made it fun to.

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