Downtown Celebration Engagement

Rachel & Andy’s Downtown Celebration Engagement

Full of life and love, Rachel and Andrew love visiting the Celebration area to spend time with their friends and grab drinks at the Bohemian Hotel.  The two met back in College at Penn College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania during a Halloween Party.  They instantly fell in love and settled down in Florida.

Andrew knew that he wanted his proposal to Rachel to be special and be a part of when they first met.  Spending time together on Halloween carving pumpkins, Rachel wasn’t expecting what the night had in store.  To her surprise, she found the sweetest little box in the pumpkin she had just carved open.  She was in such shock, that her first reaction was “how did you get this in there?!?!?” but immediately followed with a big “YES!” to Andrew’s proposal.  Andrew also had the smaller pumpkins with “Marry me?” written across.

These two will be cruising on a Carnival Cruise Ship as they celebrate their ‘I do’s’ with friends and family this coming year in April.  Wishing them the very best in their life together and planning out their special day!

Venue: Downtown Celebration & Bohemian Hotel

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