The Coop Winter Park Engagement

Linda & Caleb’s Southern Engagement at The Coop in Winter Park

Young and vibrant, Lina and Caleb’s engagement at The Coop in Winter Park was the perfect start to their wedding planning.  Caleb’s boyhood crush on Lina started during a youth retreat when he met her while playing a game of soccer.  I guess I should be more specific, collided with her while playing soccer causing Lina to sprain her ankle.  Being the valiant, sweetheart he is, Caleb helped Lina during the ENTIRE rest of the retreat.  From taking her to activities to dinner, he was by her side.

The crush turned to true friendship as the pair kept in touch and became best friends.  Caleb always knew that Lina was the one, that there was no other, and that she would someday know it too.

Their friendship blossomed into love and before Lina even knew it, she could not think of life without him.  After a year of dating, Caleb decided to serve on a mission for his faith and Lina knew she had to wait for him, because “two years apart does not compare to an eternity spent together.”

While on his mission, Caleb sent a letter through the mail with a special token of love, a ring.  He proposed to Lina through a handwritten letter, asking her to wait for him.  On January 1, 2015 when Caleb returned home, he asked Lina for her hand, but this time in person.  Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot in June after having kept their friendship, promise, and love so sacred for so long.

Venue: The Coop

Attire: Banana Republic

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  1. Author

    Truly enjoyed photographing Lina and Caleb. There engagement was so special as it featured their passion that they share together, long boarding. The two were absolute naturals in front of the camera, needing very little guidance. Looking forward to their upcoming wedding!

  2. Congrats you two! Holly and I am excited to be at your wedding, we cannot wait to see you being your journey together in the Air Force. Keep pressing onward!

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