Angelyn & Jon’s LDS Orlando Florida Temple Wedding

Angelyn and Jon tied the knot during their LDS sealing at the Orlando Florida Temple in Windermere, Florida.  Family and friends gathered around the grand entry to the temple to welcome our sweethearts out with excitement and praise for the monumental occasion.  After their ceremony, we headed West to Homosassa for their reception at the Southern Woods Golf Club.

Friendship is how their story began after Angelyn moved to Auburn for graduate school and started attending Jon’s church.  Over the course of seven months, the two started hanging out regularly and realized that this little “fling” may be “true love.”  At first they thought their relationship wouldn’t be longterm, but as Angelyn explains, “when I had to move two hours away after grad school, we figured out that we did not want to live life apart.”

Picking your favorite attribute about the love of your life, but for Angelyn it is Jon’s companionable sense of humor.  From having her laughing all of the time, even from the moment they met, to their days as fiances, Jon always can bring a smile to Angelyn’s face.  Jon’s dedication to their relationship, his friends, his family, and their values is also incredibly important and as Angelyn describes his love, “I am lucky to be loved by someone who will always be dedicated to me the way he is.”

For Jon, Angelyn’s “compassion that she has for other people” in her ability to empathize with other’s feelings is an incredible attractive characteristic that brought him to her.  It can be difficult for Jon to not play off serious situations, as he sometimes does not know how to handle them and is something he struggles with, however Angelyn is as he explains, “a tremendous example to me on how to really care about people and that probably is the thing I love most about her.”

The long distance of my sweethearts living five hours apart only brought them closer through their constant effort in making sure they made time to see one another.  After a work dinner one night, Angelyn called Jon up telling him that she missed him and would be making a spontaneous trip up to see him.  Jon told her that of course while he was excited to see her to think it through since it was late and go home first to take care of the puppies before making a final decision.  Talking to one another over the phone as Angelyn drove home, she parked in her driveway to find the sweetest surprise walk out – it was Jon!  Incredibly excited to see her beau, Angelyn literally leaped into his arms and didn’t suspect a thing.  After their sweet embrace, Jon bent down to one knee and showed a ring to Angelyn.  As Angelyn reminisces, “when he went down on one knee and showed me the ring, I was completely surprised!  So much so I can’t even tell you what he said in that moment.  The next thing I coherently remember is telling him “YES!” a few times and pulling him up to kiss me.”  Truly it has been Jon’s greatest surprise yet and the start to amazing things to come!

Their wedding day was filled with just as much excitement and love as their proposal.  LDS weddings are a little different in that we typically greet our couples for the first time as they exit the temple officially Mr. and Mrs.  Bringing family and friends from outside from the lobby waiting area, we positioned everyone around us, so that everyone would have an amazing view of our newlyweds exit.  Hands in the air and smiles on their faces, Angelyn and Jon walked out through the glass doors together to greet everyone who had come to celebrate!

Family and newlywed portraits took place around the temple grounds with a mix of traditional pillar backgrounds and also modern greenery.  One of my favorite pieces of architecture we utilized in their images, were the grand steps leading up one of the temple’s sides.  Angelyn’s veil and train on her dress just looked darling as our couples walked up and away from us back towards the entrance.

Their reception took place at the Southern Woods Golf Club, about an hour and a half West of the temple.  Driving up, it was incredible to see the amount of additional family and friends that came to also celebrate and of course everyone who followed from the temple.  Entering in for their reception entrance, the two also shared an overview of their religion and why it is so important to them before exchanging rings once more for all to take part in.  Dining and dancing soon ensued before our night ended with a send off and our very surprised couple finding their car decorated in over the top streamers and paint for their getaway.

Wishing these two an amazing life together filled with the love of their marriage, faith, family and friends!

Ceremony Location: Orlando Florida Temple

Reception Location: Southern Woods Golf Club

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  1. Samantha, I just can’t get enough of these photos! Thanks again and again for being a part of and capturing our wedding day!

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