Alison & Thomas’ Winter Park Wedding

Alison and Tom tied the knot during their Winter Park Wedding Chapel wedding ceremony and celebrated with friends and family for their wedding reception at Luma, a local restaurant in Winter Park.  Intimate and elegant would perfectly describe the theme of Alison and Tom’s wedding, from their smaller guest count of all of their closest friends and family to the elegance of their black tie attire and live four-piece quarttete musician group that played during their ceremony.

Fate truly played a part of the years in bringing Alison and Tom together.  Having met back when they were teenagers at a local coffee house where Tom worked, Alison never quite flirted back with the “Hot Coffee Club Guy,” as she nicknamed him.  The two reconnected again during a party that her mom had invited her too, which just so happened to be at the home of Tom’s uncle.  Catching up over small talk, it took several more years for, well twelve to be exact, for them to meet yet again – and finally a chance at love would happen!

Alison’s mom, yet again played a part in bringing the two together, through inviting Alison to a party Tom’s uncle was throwing.  It just so happened to be a birthday party for Tom.  After the party, the two connected on Facebook as well through adding one another as friends and were in complete shock by how much they had in commons.  Three weeks later after many late night chats and phone calls, Alison took a leap of faith and flew out Washington D. C. to see Tom again where he was living at the time.  Fate new all along that they were meant to be from the start, and continuously planned for them to run into one another.  They soon took the ‘long distance’ out of their ‘long distance relationship,’ when Tom moved to Orlando to be with Alison.

Fast forward a few years, the two have become absolutely inseparable.  From challenges of moving, graduating, and many more milestones as they have come and went, they have continued to grow together as a couple and form and even deeper love for one another.  Talk of marriage began and Alison even created a Pinterest page called “Tom Look Here” for a few clues as to the type of ring she loved.  While Alison had no idea when the actual ring would appear, Tom sure did and on a mini-vaca weekend getaway to the west coast in Siesta Key, Tom popped the question!  While enjoying a trip to the Ringling Museum, they toured the grounds of the CaD’Zan mansion and marveled at the beauty of the waterside along their walk.  Right there and then with it being just the two of them and no other guests around, Tom dropped to one knee and asked for Alison’s hand in marriage.  Alison of course said, “yes” and the two enjoyed their walk hand in hand reveling in such a perfect moment.

It feels like their wedding day flew by from the time they began planning to the actual day.  Getting to know Alison and Tom, we were all very simliar in our laid back type-A personalities of going with the flow, but also being prepared.  Our day started off with meeting up with Alison at Rollins to get in her dress and photograph her details and bridal portraits before meeting up with Tom at the chapel.  Alison wore the most gorgeous lace BHLDN dress with a raw cut tulle end.  It was delicate and beautiful.

Tom looked rather dapper in his black fitted suit and surprised us with the cutest little furry flower girl.  Their pup accompanied the two of them in their wedding party as the official “Dog of Honor” and I must say almost stole the show with cuteness!  Of course though as soon as those chapel doors opened and Alison entered, all eyes were on her!  A four piece quarttete welcomed her in and played as the two shared a first kiss and exited as Mr. and Mrs.!

A last minute idea came to mind as all of their guests waited outside for a bubble send off.  As soon as Alison and Tom hit the end and shared a first kiss, we asked everyone to turn to us for a quick group picture – the timing could not have been more perfect!  Formal portraits with family, friends, and of course our newlyweds soon ensued, but my favorite moment by far was totally by chance.  Walking from the chapel to Luma, we wanted to take a few portraits in the rose garden along with the sidewalks of downtown Park Ave.  As luck may have it, an entire section of the road was shut down for an event, which gave way for the opportune moment for newlywed portraits.  Dancing along the historic brick streets, the two looked like they were in a movie with the lights, downtown buildings, and passerbys on the sidewalks – it just felt like yet fate had intervened!

Our night concluded with beautiful toasts and group photos at Luma before everyone sat down to enjoy their meal.  Wishing my amazing couple an amazing life together!

Getting Ready Location: Rollins College

Ceremony Location: Winter Park Wedding Chapel

Reception Location: Luma on Park

Rings: James Allen Rings

Wedding Dress: BHLDN

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