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Kyle & Kenny’s Downtown Winter Park Engagement

Downtown Winter Park Engagement

Waking up early, Kyle and Kenny met me out in the heart of downtown Winter Park, along Park Ave, for their stunning engagement session.  Avoiding the weekend crowds, we lucked out with what felt like the whole downtown to ourselves.  Winter Park will also be where the two are tying the knot, specifically at the historical Casa Feliz this coming November.

A Little Disney Magic

Back in May of 2008, Kyle and Kenny were introduced to one another through their mutual friends, specially both of their best friends, and both happened to live in the same apartment complex by Disney.  Both performers in the Disney parade as well, they would see each other often.  Striking up a conversation one afternoon, Kenny asked Kyle for a ride home, but Kyle abruptly said, “no.”  Of course, he had his reasonings as his car was a hot mess since he practically lived out of it, and explained so to Kenny.  Kenny didn’t care though and convinced Kyle he wouldn’t judge his not so clean car at the time, but just really needed a ride home.  A bit embarrassed, Kyle cleaned the car profusely after dropping Kenny off and offered him another ride the next day – of course, this time showing off his clean truck!  Ride after ride home, spending time together at work and in their off time, they became friends quickly, which soon led to dating!

Falling in Love

Falling in love with Kenny, Kyle loves how much he inspires him to be a better person through lifting him up day after day.  As Kyle explains, “for ten years he has made me smile and laugh multiple times a day!  I love that he can be so selfless and will put others before himself.”  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is “pretty easy on the eyes too” – I must agree!  For Kenny, it is the way Kyle has always made him instill the feeling and knowing that he is the most important person in his life.  As Kenny explains, “he’s always made me feel like I’m the most important person in the room and no matter how crazy my ideas are, he has always made me feel like they are the best ideas.  He’s always there for me, no matter the situation.”  Both also have a passion for animals, finding happiness in their work, and persevering in creating a beautiful future together through buying their home together.

An Ireland Proposal

Jumping back in time to Kyle’s proposal to Kenny, the two were on a ten day road trip through Ireland.  Kyle set out to create a trip that was a symbolic journey of closing one chapter of life and opening a new one.  Having lost his mother and brother in the recent months, Kenny supported Kyle as they scattered his mother and brother’s ashes at the Beara Peninsula in Ireland at the start of their trip.  Along their ten day excursion, the two dove into learning more about Ireland’s history and beautiful landmarks.  Venturing from Eastern Ireland to south of Dublin, they spent time enjoying the scenery.  Kyle knew that he had wanted to propose to Kenny in Wicklow overlooking the Glendaloch Lake and took the advice from their Air BnB host on a “nice out and back day hike” to take them there.  Taking her advice, Kyle was not expecting what would lie ahead of them, which was a 14 mile roundtrip journey – not such a brisk walk. Finally arriving at the key location in mind, Kenny questioned why they had to walk up the stairs of the historic monument.  Pushing him, Kyle exclaimed, “you never know what lies beyond,” which Kenny responded with, “I know what lies beyond!  MORE STAIRS!”

Making their way up the stairs – yes, Kyle won that battle – the two were greeted with the most stunning view.  While Kenny had his back to Kyle, he set up his go pro to record the proposal.  Unfortunately right before he was about to ask Kenny for his hand in marriage, a couple came by to also admire the view, which pushed Kyle to move on to a plan B spot.  Now in the next spot, setting up the camera again, this time in a hurry before anyone would arrive, Kyle dropped to one knee and popped the question.  Of course, Kenny said, “yes!”  Excited the moment was captured on camera, the two had to laugh though when looking at the footage, as in his hurry to set up the shot, only their mid-section was in the frame.  Needless to say, when they reminisce on the moment, Kenny always teases him about the fabulous video footage!

Learning about my sweethearts proposal, I asked to see their rings and was absolutely drawn in.  Incredibly unique, Kyle explained the history behind them.  During his proposal, the two already had rings from Kenny’s aunt as a gift – promise rings if you will.  Both Irish, after Kyle’s proposal, they traveled into Dublin the next morning to have custom rings made in addition to their promise rings.  Finding an amazing jeweler, Carol Clarke who was one of the first jewelers to provide rings to same sex couples, she customized two beautiful pieces.  Both rings are from her Celtic Warrior Bands line with inspiration from the Ardagh Chalice.  Founded by two boys in the 1800s digging in a potato field, the chalice dated back to the 8th century, and has become a national treasure.  Kenny’s band is slightly smaller and features two gold plated rings around a silver patterned main ring, while Kyle’s band is slightly wider and is a silver ring with a center burnished finish, and centerpiece of rare Irish gold that is only mined in Ireland.

Kyle and Kenny – I absolutely cannot wait for your big day!

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