Kaylee & Nicholas’ Winter Park Engagement

Winter Park Engagement

Kaylee and Nick met me out at beautiful Mead Gardens for their engagement session with their pup Mia.  The two will be tying the knot this coming May at the historic Winter Park Farmers Market.

Study Buddies

Fate had plans all along for Kaylee and Nick to meet one another, which began in August of 2010 when Kaylee was moving into her dorm.  Her very first day on campus, Nick was friends with her roomate  and hanging out while Kaylee was unpacking.  Spending time as a group, the two would hang out with the other roommates and watch movies.  The super smooth guy Nick is, he asked Kaylee for her number through a Facebook message to “work on homework together,” which was totally just a cover.  However, Kaylee obliged and it wasn’t long after when they had their first date at a local coffee shop.  By the end of the week of their first date, they were officially dating and have been together ever since!

Falling in love with Nick’s sense of humor, Kaylee explains that he “always makes my day better.”  Their relationship has always felt effortless, like to puzzle pieces that just fit perfectly together, and of course he is definitely her best friend.  She also loves his amazing smile!  For Nick, Kaylee has always made him feel comfortable and he feels at “home” with Kaylee by his side.  Get ready for the tears, because as Nick lovingly dotes, “seeing her at the end of the day is definitely the highlight of my every night.  Everything feels right around her and we make an incredible team.”

A California Proposal

Both graduating five years later from UCF, the two headed out west to Redlands, California where Kaylee got a job.  Living it up in California, they realized that while they loved Redlands, they also loved home – Orlando – and decided to head back.  Quickly finding jobs back in Central Florida, the two packed up and prepared for heading back east.

On their last night in California, Nick knew there was one last thing he wanted to check off their bucket list while living in Cali.  Taking Kaylee out for dinner one last time to their favorite spot, The State, and afterwards decided to walk to get ice cream at A La Minute afterwards.  Asking Kaylee if there was anything else she wanted to do in California before they left, she looked at Nick and said no, as she couldn’t think of anything else that they hadn’t done already.  That was when Nick dropped to one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked for Kaylee’s hand in marriage.  Kaylee of course said, “yes!” and the two celebrated with a scoop of ice cream afterwards.

I so enjoyed getting to know my sweethearts during their engagement, along with their “fur baby” Mia who is a six month old mini-Australian Shepherd.  Looking forward to seeing these three again for their wedding day!

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