Winter Garden Senior Portraits

West Orange High School Senior Session

Just as much as engagements, I adore senior shoots and wish I had the opportunity to shoot them more often. It is so much fun getting to know our future leaders, scientists, engineers, veterinarians, and artists. For me, I love working with seniors (and all other grades in high school) every opportunity I have. We all remember how amazing your zest for life is knowing that the world ahead of you is in the palm of your hand.

In just a few short months I will be capturing the wedding day of Rebekah and Jack.  Rebekah’s adorable mom Katrina had booked me for her daughter’s special day. A few weeks ago she reached out to me about capturing her son Trenton’s senior portraits to document the milestone and I couldn’t wait for the opportunity!

Trenton Adkins is very straightforward on what he loves most, which are his faith, his girlfriend, and of course his Ford F-150 pickup truck. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Erin and being the sound guy at Emmaus Church.

Trenton has an incredibly bright future ahead. Currently a senior at West Orange High School, he plans on furthering his education as a sound engineer or electrical contractor. Both of which are perfect, as he loves working with his hands.

When planning out our shoot, I wanted to make it personal to Trenton so that when he looked back on the images things he loved would stand out and take him back to that time. With being “flo grown” in mind, we aimed for an outdoor, Florida shoot among the orange groves and clay roads common to our state. Trenton helped me out with perfectly placing his truck on the roads at an angle and moving about for photos. Check out that shine job on the tires – seriously I need to step it up with my old Jeep Cherokee haha!

After spending some time on the clay roads, we headed into the grove for photos of just Trenton among the trees followed by a handful of pictures with his sweetheart Erin. Our session ended with casual shots of Trenton in his favorite Guy Harvey t-shirt, old but very loved boots, and jeans while sitting up on his truck – the very essence of Trenton’s style.

Looking forward to working with more seniors in the future! Check back soon for portraits of Erin coming up!

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  1. Oh what a great job you did on this Senior Session! I know he and his family are going to LOVE and cherish these images forever! Such a great job Corner House Photography!!

  2. What an awesome senior portrait session! Love that he used his tuck in his photos – and that dirt road is perfect! Love the photos in the groves with his girlfriend too – so fun!

  3. I love this senior guy photo session for so many reasons. First of all, that you included his home of Florida in such a fantastic way! It’s great seeing people being so proud of where they come from! Secondly, you included two of his major loves: his truck and his girlfriend! I’m sure she was stoked to be able to have some amazing photos, too! Great job showing off his personality!

  4. What a great mix of images in a senior session! You can really see his interests and personality, you captured him perfectly!

  5. What an awesome senior portrait session! It can be tough to photograph guys at times, but Trenton looks like he was easy. These are great natural portraits and they show his personality and interests perfectly! You are not just an amazing wedding photographer but a senior portrait one too!

  6. This is an amazing senior shoot! I absolutely love that first image you have posted. It’s such an iconic senior photo pose, but, like, 1,000 better! It’s so cute that he included his girlfriend in some of the shots! They make an adorable couple!

  7. I love what you said about senior photography allowing you to meet our future leaders and engineers. That is such an awesome thing! They have their whole future ahead of them, and it’s such a great time I their lives to get professional portraits cause usually the next time isn’t until they get married. I also love that you included his sweetheart in some 🙂

  8. This is a great senior session!! Such beautiful colors in all these photos…especially with that great truck. Love that he also had his girlfriend was in some photos as well. My favorite were in those beautiful Florida orange groves.

  9. what a great senior portrait shoot. trenton did a great job looking relaxed and standing with his truck! i love how personalized this senior session was for trenton all the way down to his favorite boots. i saw a reflection of him in his truck window. i always look for reflections when i am out. every photo is so great of him and helps to tell his story. i love them.

  10. I just love this set of high school senior photographs! He looks so proud of his truck, as any high school guy would 🙂 Great job capturing these!

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