New Smyrna Engagement

Lauren & Jarod’s New Smyrna Dunes Park Engagement

Lauren and Jarod celebrated their engagement with a beautiful Florida style beach engagement at Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. True to Floridian fashion, our Winter is beautiful regardless of it being a cold season. With the air whipping through their hair and the cold water waves rushing below their feet, the two had me laughing the entire session as they themselves hugged, laughed, and kissed. It is such a joy to be a part of such a special moment in my couple’s lives.

This week has been a struggle for me through growing, dealing with sadness, and handling overwhelming joy. It is the times that I am able to be behind the camera photographing love, that the stress melts away. I am so fortunate to have been chosen by Jarod and Lauren and for my friend David who recommended me. I truly cannot wait to be a part of these two’s special day as they celebrate their wedding at the Timacuan Golf Club in Heathrow.

No matter where you are in life, it is family that matters. It is the friendships, the bonds with others, and being true to your soul. You are a beautiful person inside and out and your love will guide you through your journey through life.

Venue: New Smyrna Dunes Park

New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-1 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-2 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-3 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-4 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-5 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-6 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-7 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-8 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-9 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-10 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-11 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-12 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-13 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-14 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-15 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-16 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-17 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-18 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-19 New-Smyrna-Dunes-Park-Engagement-New-Smyrna-Beach-Engagement-Photographer-20


  1. What fantastic pictures of the newly engaged couple at New Smyrna beach! Just beautiful…..and who can resist portraits at the beach!?

  2. New Smyrna Beach makes me wish I lived in Florida, even just for the photo ops! It’s so stinking cold here, the only white we get in the winter is snow! 😛 Anyway, I can’t wait to see this couple’s wedding photos- just based off of this engagement session they look like they have an awesome connection!

  3. Oh my, this couple is just stunning! New Smyrna Beach was an absolute perfect location for their engagement session. And that ring!!!! Such a beautiful ring shot with the beach and sand.

  4. What a great set of engagement photography! New Smyrna Beach is such a beautiful setting for such a romantic engagement session. This couple looks absolutely blissful in love!

  5. Love this engagement session so much! They are such a beautiful couple and you captured so many sweet moments. Dunes Park looks like an amazing location too!

  6. Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach, was the perfect location for these darling engagement photos. The black and white dress is so pretty. I really like how you showcased the engagement rings. So wonderful!

  7. I’ve been there years ago, I forgot it was so pretty Smyrna beach is a fab photography location. and OMG that ring!!!!

  8. wow. lauren and Jarod seem to be so in love. it shows in their eyes when they look at each other and in their hands when they are holding onto each other. these photos will be a wonderful reminder of the love they feel for each other when tough days come and maybe tough days will not come for them. i am so happy that he was willing to take his shoes off! i don’t know why, but it made me smile. smyrna dunes park is the perfect location for this couple. he picked her up while they were wading in the water. awesome!

  9. Smyrna Dunes Park is a beautiful location to shoot at. This engagement session really draws me in and I can feel the love between these two. Great work!

  10. What a beautiful engagement session! Smyrna Dunes look like an awesome location too. I love the mix of water and land shots. This couple is obviously smitten. I will be watching for their wedding!

  11. Glad this gorgeous session was a great pick me up for you. You did a fantastic job. Love this Florida beach you chose to photograph their engagement. And the ring, just stunning!

  12. Being behind the camera is definitely a stress reliever and I am glad it is helping you! What a sweet couple and who does not love a beach engagement session?!

  13. Lovely beach engagement session! I love the big ricks! They are so cool, and really add an interesting element to the photographs! You can really see the love between this couple through your photographs! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

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