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Rachel & Nick’s Winter Woodsy Engagement

Rachel and Nick celebrated their recent engagement with a beautiful bohemian engagement session in the woods. I was so excited to photograph the two and love how into the planning process Rachel has been. From the start, she has had all of “I’s” dotted and “T’s” crossed when it comes to wedding planning. Our conversation on wedding plans soon turned to engagement ideas after meeting up at a local Starbucks coffee shop. I was so excited that the two wanted to go outside of the norm and really try something different, outdoorsy, with a bohemian feel.

The two met when Nick was hired on to the Nascar Sports Grille team when Rachel was assigned to train him. Training turned to a little flirtation when the two realized they had an undeniable connection. Rachel said that they always “joke to this day, because back then I used to wear silly arm bracelets and as he was sweeping our section at the end of the night, he found a small silly band ring in the shape of a hippo and gave it to me as a gift. So we joke that he put a ring on it that day.” After four years of friendship and hanging out in group settings, Nick asked Rachel on their first official date and they have been inseparable since.

For their June 14th anniversary and Nick’s birthday just the following day, Rachel booked a cruise to Mexico to celebrate the milestone moments in their lives. Little did she know, another milestone would be taking place!

While Rachel laid down for a quick cat nap, Nick ventured over to the cruise excursion desk and booked a trip to the Mayan ruins. His excitement was quickly passed on by Rachel who wasn’t the biggest fan of history, but he persisted and she wanted to be a good sport for his birthday. Rachel reminisces back to that day that, “in Mexico we got off the cruise ship and boarded another small ship which we were on for approximately 1 hour. Then after we got off that boat, we had to get on a bus for another hour. I was extremely hot out and I was frustrated the whole time, so I as complaining and kept telling him I was going to die from heat stroke.” I mean – it was hot so I understand where she was coming from hehe… but Nick put on a smile and knew he had a goal at the end of their adventure. After separating from the tour group, Nick brought Rachel to the highest point to take a picture. When they arrived he dropped to one knee and proposed. Rachel was in complete shock! She of course said yes, and then of course proceeded to apologize for her not so positive attitude about the two hour adventure. Nick laughed though and said that he loved her “regardless and wanted to spend the rest of his life” with Rachel. As Rachel puts it, “it was such an unexpected, but perfect proposal.”

Truly Rachel adore Nick’s easy going personality, which could clearly be scene in his ability to trek on through their proposal adventure. Nick loves how silly, outgoing, and willing to go on an adventure Rachel is. Truly when it comes down to it, you can just tell how much they love one another’s personalities.

Our engagement was definitely somewhat of an adventure. From hiking up and down the stream to being silly in the woods, my couple never stopped smiling at one another. I am so honored to be a part of their big day!

Venue: Green Springs Park

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  1. Beautiful couple and I love their engagement session! They have such great style and you captured their love for each other perfectly!

  2. OMG love this location! The trees and pathway, so beautiful! Your photography skills are on point and you create beautiful pictures. I am sure this engaged couple will treasure these for a life time.

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  5. I’ve never bee to Florida, and I wouldn’t have imagined Orlando looked so wooded. It really fits the theme for this bohemian engagement session though. Did you use his shirt for the ring shot? It looks great!

  6. Beautiful engagement photos! I love how their wardrobe really ties in with the woodsy Orlando locations. This couple is super cute together… I hope they have a fun time planning the wedding and really look forward to seeing their wedding photos!

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  11. pointing her toe, she lifted one foot off the ground during a kiss. that moment is magical. she is in the zone during that kiss. we should all get lost for a moment during a lingering kiss, pointing our toe and lifting a foot off the ground! my grandma says that is a true sign of love. these engagement photos highlight a beautiful connection between these two!

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