Capen House Wedding

Rose Quartz Ballet Wedding at the Capen House

The beauty of ballet truly cannot be understated. Growing up, my family took me to see the Nutcracker every Winter to expose me to the beauty and art of ballet. Even though we sat towards the back, I remember feeling like I was right on stage. The ballerinas came to life as they perfectly performed intricate chasse en tournants to classical plie’s*. From my childhood, I knew that the wanderlust in my heart would grow to one day be able to work with such incredible artists.

As a wedding photographer, I love bringing to life the beauty in my couples inside and out in my imagery. From working with other creatives, I have gained incredible insight to other perspectives of documenting love, through real and styled shoots. Katie Scully with Blue Ribbon Wedding & Event Design has the ability to envision the most couture, yet honest and genuine designs for weddings. While chatting over coffee one day, we both realized how much we loved the ballet. It was that moment that our dream of creating a ballet themed wedding began.

With the recent announcement of the pantone color of the year being Rose Quartz, which just happens to be the exact match to point shoes, we knew it was time to start planning. The Capen-Showalter House at the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens has a long standing within the community, similar to the Orlando Ballet Theater. The match of the historic home, combined with the historic art form of ballet was a must for our location of choice. With our beautiful venue narrowed down, it was time to reach out to our bride and groom. Taylor and Arcadian are both well-known ballet dancers with the Orlando Ballet Theater. Classically trained with a modern twist, Arcadian shined as our dashing groom; however, Taylor stole the show with her angelic aura and natural beauty. She gracefully postured into incredible moves while being held by her groom. What is even better about our styled love story, is that it is real. The two actually met during their first year of residency with the theater and have been inseparable since.
Our day started off with expecting rains to come in. We weren’t sure if we would be able to shoot outside, but it held off just long enough to create the most entrancing blue skies against the backdrop of our venue. Laura Reynolds, with Laura Reynolds Artistry Hair and Makeup created glamorous up dos that had a slightly messy feel for our bridesmaids Kalyn Roberson and Paulina Genovese, along with our bride Taylor. Airbrush makeup and matte pink hues were the perfect natural choice for our models. While Taylor began dressing in her gown, the bridesmaids showcased beautiful bracelets handmade by Laurie Silva, with EricBari designs. While the stunning bracelets were the perfect gift for our bridesmaids, a two-karat ring by Littman Jewelers graced the hand of our bride. With the girls ready, it was time to get started.

From the sweetheart table to the wedding cake display, we incorporated French era brass alongside antique glassware from Timeless Charm Rentals. Amanda took a personal interest in the shoot by even bringing along a beautiful weathered vanity that she revived into a stunning display for our couture cake. Cake artistry featured in our shoot was provided by Couture Cakes by Lia. The detail on the three tiered masterpiece, from handmade paper flowers to hand painted floral, was astounding. Lia even matched the lace fondant appliqué to Taylor’s wedding dress, which was designed by Maggie Sottero-from Casa di Bella.

Among the numerous sculpture gardens, sits a beautiful Laurel Oak right off of the lake. One of my favorite locations on the property, the ceremony site is both natural and vibrant, as you feel the breeze off the lake and hear the “I do’s” of couples tying the knot. French country wooden chairs (provided by Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals) graced the aisle as our bride, groom, and bridesmaids posed against floral and ribbon designs handcrafted by Katie. The strong winds calmed down just in time for a gentler breeze showcasing the beauty and simplicity of our Rose Quartz ribbon, identical to Taylor’s ballet shoes.

The beauty of ballet is that it is ever changing. Each ballet dancer has their own style and at times incorporates more of a contemporary feel. Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals was able to help bring in a contemporary element with their jaw dropping sweetheart chair that literally stretched the height of the first floor. While modern, its crisp white fabric paired perfectly with our stunning Sperry tent. Sitting lakeside, the sweetheart table and guest table that Katie designed was gently sheltered against the wind, by our beautiful Sperry tent. FireFly Productions beautifully trailed market lighting along the perimeter of the tent beckoning guests in, but first they would have to make their way to our ceremony.

With nighttime approaching we used the dramatic lighting against the bold night sky for a final adagio**, where Arcadian lifted Taylor. Our night ended inside against the wooden staircase of the Capen House. Drapped with floral garland, our bride and groom toasted to a beautiful night well spent and many more to come.

Many thanks to the wonderful vendors who took part including Samantha with Corner House Photography for capturing the beautiful imagery, Joey Elston with Something Beautiful Films for filming our incredulous shoot, and Katie Scully with Blue Ribbon Wedding & Event Design for bringing our vision to life.  An additional huge thank you to:

Design: Blue Ribbon Wedding & Event Design

Cake: Couture Cakes by Lia, LLC

Hair & Makeup: Laura Reynolds Artistry

Dress Shop: Casa di Bella Bridal Boutique

Dress Designer: Maggie Sottero

Rings: Littman Jewelers

Jewelry: Eric Bari Design

Lighting: FyreFly Productions

Rentals: Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals

Vintage Rentals: Timeless Charm Rentals

Tent: Sperry Tents

Stationary: 9th Letter Press

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Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-10 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-11 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-12 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-13 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-14 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-15 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-16 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-17 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-18 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-19 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-20 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-21 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-22 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-23 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-24 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-25 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-26 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-27 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-28 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-29 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-30 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-31 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-32 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-33 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-34 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-35 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-36 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-37 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-38 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-39 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-40 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-41 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-42 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-43 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-44 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-45 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-46 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-47 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-48 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-49 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-50 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-51 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-52 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-53 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-54 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-55 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-56 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-57 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-58 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-59 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-60 Capen-House-Wedding-Albin-Polasek-Museum-Winter-Park-Orlando-Wedding-Photographer-Corner-House-Photography-61


  1. That cake from Couture Cakes by Lia, is just fantastic. I love all the vintage and Victorian details you put together for this styled shoot at the Capen House. My favorite images are the ones where they are sitting on the stairs in the house. And that video at the end- Something Beautiful films did a great job capturing the emotion of this styled shoot.

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  10. This ballet styled wedding session at the Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens in Orlando is phenominal! Your flash work is just beautiful and perfectly balanced. I love how vibrant and crisp the images are even though they are indoor. You chose the perfect models and I love that you incorporated ballet into this shoot. The ballet shoes go perfectly with the feminine details of the wedding dress!

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