Casa Feliz Engagement

Crystal & Matt’s Historic Casa Feliz Engagement

Crystal and Matt met me out at the historic Casa Feliz this past week for their absolutely adorable engagement session. Casa Feliz is one of Crystal’s favorite venues and was perfect for a vintage type vibe to their shoot. The Spanish Farmhouse was designed by James Gamble Rogers II and was lovingly restored after moving locations in Winter Park to ensure its preservation.

My sweet couple actually met through mutual friends over 16 years ago. After being close friends for eight years, their friendship slowly turned into a romance. After eight years of dating, they are finally ready to tie the knot in their favorite city of Winter Park. It is incredible how strong a relationship can be that has a foundation built on friendship.

Recently moving to Florida, the two previously lived in the big apple. After getting off of work, Matt asked Crystal to meet him out at Central Park. Crystal just adores snow falling in Central Park and with it being Valentine’s Day, Matt truly couldn’t have picked a better location for what was to come. Crystal was also excited that they were celebrating the day of love. Both being chefs and having to work the holidays, she was excited to “be ‘that’ couple and do something nice and romantic.”

After walking through the park, Matt brought Crystal to a sweet wooden bench. He had actually scouted out the location for hours beforehand! When the two sat down, Matt reached in his pocket to give Crystal her gift for Valentine’s Day. To her surprise it was two tickets to Iceland! Matt knew how much she wanted to go there and Crystal was over the moon with excitement. As she was looking at the tickets, Matt slowly inched off the bench without Crystal noticing, got down onto one knee, pulled out a little green box and said “and there’s this, I am hoping you will wear this ring on our trip and for the rest of your life. Will you marry me?” At this point Crystal was at a loss for words and could only nod over and over in excitement yes before she was finally able to say yes!

My sweet couple cracked me up after telling me about their engagement. Following Crystal saying yes, they went out for champagne and snacks. Realizing they didn’t have a single picture, they went back to the sweet bench Matt scoped out and took a bunch of selfies.

Matt truly loves how Crystal gives him structure and pushes him to be a better person, while Crystal loves how much he makes her laugh and pushes her to be more adventurous in life. As Crystal puts it, “We are completely opposite people and really have very little in common. We balance each other out very well.” Matt sweetly referred to the famous Jack Nicolson quote in the movie ‘As Good as it Gets,’ where he states “You make me want to be a better man.”

Looking forward to capturing these two tie the knot next month!

Venue: Casa Feliz

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  1. engagement sessions are always more fun than the guy is expecting with kissing and hugging and you know! these photos have captured the heart of this couple. kissing in the spiral staircase is absolutely stunning. casa feliz is beautiful inside and out. they look happy and i can see on their faces that they are enjoying themselves. beautiful work.

  2. What beautiful engagement photographs! If these are any indication, the wedding day images are going to be spectacular! You have really captured such emotion and this Orlando couple is lucky to have your talent to showcase their relationship. I love the rich bold colors and texture.

  3. Boy does this couple have a romantic engagement story! Casa Feliz has so many great attributes that makes it an awesome portrait session location. The colors, the tile wall, the stone stairs…and these two look right at home in all of it. I was kind of hoping they were going to take you to Iceland for a wedding, but I am sure whatever Orlando location they choose will be gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful couple! Casa Feliz looks like an amazing venue – and such a fun location for their and engagement session! I love her unique engagement ring too. Very cool!

  5. I just love all of the beautiful blues and greens in this session! You did a fantastic job capturing this couple’s love for one another in this engagement photography session!

  6. Wow, what a fantastic location! I never would’ve guess that this was in the Orlando area, what a great find! Beautiful engagement photos… so much variety… the happy couple must be so pleased. Looking forward to seeing their wedding photos!!

  7. Gorgeous engagement session! I am absolutely looooove her ring! It so unique and different! Casa Feliz is an absolutely gorgeous venue and I can totally she why is it one of her favorites! That vintage tile wall is amazing and it the perfect backdrop for their photos!

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