Winter Park Farmers Market Wedding

Sara & Sawyer’s Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding

Sara and Sawyer tied the knot at their beautiful Winter Park Farmer’s Market Wedding in Winter Park, Florida. You may remember the two from their adorable engagement session at Rollins College when trekked around the campus looking for the perfect spots. However, it truly wasn’t hard to find the perfect background when you have subjects as sweet as these two.

Sawyer first met Sara when they were in high school at the young age of 15. He was a sophomore and she was a freshman. Their friendship turned into romance when Sawyer asked Sara to the senior prom and they have been together ever since.

Inseparable and so in love, Sawyer knew there was no other girl for him. Their engagement is incredibly sentimental and personal to the two. After the two made the big leap to move into their apartment together, Sawyer started planning out his proposal. He knew that their adorable pugs, Tater and Winston, would have to be included and that he wanted it to be at their very first home together.

After an incredible day together, the two spent the afternoon walking their pugs around the lake. When they arrived at the sweet gazebo that they enjoy spending time under, Sawyer got down on one knee and popped the question. Sara of course said yes and the wedding planning began!

The two envisioned a wedding that would be relaxing and comfortable. The Winter Park Farmer’s Market had the fun vibe they were looking for with an upbeat personality. As Sara describes it, “I am trying to go very low key, nothing too extravagant, just simple details that show elegant simplicity.”

My second shooter Laura joined me in starting off our day at Sawyer’s parent’s home where he was getting ready with his groomsmen. His best man Jonah Hardy had us cracking up the entire time, while the guys were trying to tie their ties and button up their shirts.

After spending time with Sawyer, we headed off to Sara’s parent’s home to grab detail shots of her beautiful ring, shoes, and other details, and of course putting on her dress! I am just so in love with the lace trimmed piece that fit her to a t.

The ceremony spot under the patio tent was perfect for their “laid back vibe.” Situated in the heart of Winter Park, the historic Winter Park Farmer’s Market use to be a layover stop shuttling goods back and forth. It bellows with personality and a rustic cheak vibe. After saying their “I do’s” and sharing a first kiss, we headed off for formal portraits. With daylight coming down and the sunset coming up, it made for some pretty neat portraits outside.

Their reception was just as intimate as the ceremony and also just as vivacious. “Elsa” blue, silver, and grey could be found in all of their details from the girls floral bouquets filled with babies breath and calla lilies to the seating cards perfectly placed at where the guests walk in.

Our night was filled with laugher, love, and a lot of fun. Sara and Sawyer surprised guests with the “shoe game” where they raise a shoe up to their answer, ranging from “who is the silliest” to “who loves their pugs more.”

I had so much fun spending time with my sweet couple an am so honored to have captured their special day. Wishing these two (along with their four legged fur children) a beautiful life together!

Venue: Winter Park Farmer’s Market

DJ: Roeshink Entertainment

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  1. You did an outstanding job of capturing Sara & Sawyer’s big day! I watched you work throughout the wedding and reception. The final product is perfect! I’m looking forward to ordering some pictures.

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful, professional, sweet hearted way you managed all of us. The photos are beautiful.

  3. Beautiful. Such a fun location and a beautiful day for the bride and groom to remember. They must be over the moon.

  4. The Winter Park Farmers Market is one of my favorite wedding venues you have shown there in Orlando. It is such a perfect place for a rustic wedding! This one was beautiful. As usual, you captured their details, emotion, and the party perfectly!

  5. sara and sawyer’s wedding at the winter park farmers market looks so amazing. i love how you captured all the sweet details of the wedding and of course, i always have a favorite photo. wait for it….the groom and his guys walking near a railroad track. the expressions on each is priceless.

  6. I’ve been by Winter Park Farmers Market a few times in the past, but I never realized it was a wedding venue. You captured the joy of this couple on their wedding day beautifully, I can hear them laughing during the shoe newlywed game.

  7. Such a great love story…high school sweet hearts that were meant to be! Love it! And their wedding is just beautiful. I love the location they found in Orlando for their wedding. It all looks perfect and you have captured it so well!!

  8. Love these wedding photos. I specially really like the black-and-white photos and all the details you captured are so great. I’m sure this couple will enjoy these photos for years.

  9. How incredibly cute is that little dog!! Oh my goodness! Gorgeous wedding photos. It looks like The Winter Park Farmers Market was the perfect location for this wedding. What a cool and unique venue choice! I love all of your detail shots! Especially the ring shots (I am a sucker for a good ring shot!) This Orlando couple must be over the moon with their images. You told the story of their day so perfectly!

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