Outdoor Intimate Bohemian Engagement

Rebekah & Jack’s Bohemian Engagement

Rebekah and Jack met me out for an early morning shoot centered on the concept of a whimsical outdoor Huckleberry Finn feel. I had been planning out our shoot with Rebekah for over a month from the types of outfits she wanted to wear to accessorizing with a flower crown. Our shoot in the woods was exactly what we thought it would be. From climbing trees to walking barefoot, my couple was down to try out different ideas. Rebekah and I were even able to convince Jack to roll up his pants and jump in the stream for some adorably, romantic shots.

My sweet couple actually met while Rebekah was grabbing brunch with a friend at Keke’s Breakfast Café. The two went to visit Rebekah’s friend’s boyfriend who happened to be working at the café at the time along with Jack. A whisper of Rebekah saying, “oh he’s cute!” to her friend quickly got back to Jack and after his shift ended he swung by her friend’s house to meet her. Since that day the two have been inseparable!

Jack adores Rebekah’s “personality and the fact that she would do anything for him,” while Rebekah loves Jack’s “willingness to help others and his driven personality.” Truly a match made in heaven.

Their engagement is truly a romantic love story you only see in the movies. Jack planned a beautiful night for his darling that started off with a romantic dinner. After they headed over to Rebekah’s brother’s house to spend some quality time with her family, at least that is what she thought. As Jack pulled up to the house, Rebekah noticed something different. Lit candles lined the walkway, while rose petals were scattered everywhere. At the end of the walkway was a small table with a little box and a bottle of champagne. When the two reached the door, Jack got down on knee and popped the question. While Bon Iver played in the background, the two toasted to a future together 🙂

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  1. Stunning engagement session! You captured some some super sweet moments and I love this Orlando location with all of the greenery and the stream. So perfect!

  2. Remarkable photos!! Truly stunning, filled with love and life! Words cannot express how happy I am for you!

  3. If this is what Orlando engagement sessions look like, I want to just get re-engaged, just for the photos. Goodness gracious, the location is amazing! I love her clothing choices, too! They’re going to love these images forever.

  4. Huckleberry finn engagement session is great! I love this location for the engagement photos! The greenery and trees were amazing! I can’t wait to see their wedding!

  5. This is an absolutely gorgeous engagement session! I love all the scenery and the outfit choices…everything blends perfectly for an amazing romantic result! I can’t wait to see this gorgeous couple’s wedding!

  6. Oh wow, what a fun theme for an engagement session, the location definitely gives me the sense that it is “Huckleberry Finn” -esque. The pond and the natural greenery makes a lovely backdrop for this Orlando engagement session.

  7. These engagement photos are SO dreamy!! What an incredible location for your photography in Orlando. You did an amazing job with this couples engagement photography.

  8. Wow wow wow! This engagement session is so gorgeous! I love the romantic feel to the photos, you were really able to capture the love these two share. The setting you chose for is so amazing! I totally get the Huckleberry Fin vibe you all were going for! Very creative!

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