The Royal Crest Room Wedding

Paola & Jorge’s Pink and Grey Royal Crest Room Wedding

Paola and Jorge tied the knot during their beautiful golf club wedding at the Royal Crest Room in St. Cloud this past week. The two actually met back in March of 2010 while Jorge was visiting their mutual friends in Miami. As luck would have it, Jorge happened to be in the right place at the right time to have met his darling to be Paola.

After being introduced and hitting it off that one fateful night, the two kept in touch and started dating. Fast forward two years later to the Summer of 2012, Jorge surprised Paola with the most sentimental engagement. After having moved in with one another in their very first apartment together, Jorge asked for his darling’s hand in marriage right there in their very first home together. Of course Paola said yes!

Located in St. Cloud, The Royal Crest Room boasts rolling hills, an adorable telephone booth for photos, and a stunning ballroom. Paola and Jorge envisioned a very romantic, but fun, wedding where every guest would be dancing the night away. Their momentous day was showered with love by family and friends who drove in from in town or flew in from out of town ranging from California to Peru.
To showcase their more romantic side, the two picked Pantone’s color of the year Rose Quartz, which is a light pastel pink, paired with a matte light grey. Their floral was sweetly laired within bases of centerpieces and along the sweetheart table.

My associate shooter Laura joined in for the fun as we started off capturing details. Having arrived quite early to the venue, we took our time in capturing some fun shots of the ballroom décor. Once Paola arrived we dove into her details and stunning layered wedding gown. One of my favorite moments is capturing the emotions of a bride seeing herself in the mirror in her gown for the very first time. Jorge arrived ready to the venue, which made it a breeze to capture a handful of images of him with his mom and dad before getting ready for my couple’s big walk down the aisle.

Outside of the ballroom on the west lawn is where the ceremony took place. I just love the solid outside structure of the columns and steps that hug the couple as they speak their vows. Catering to both English and Spanish speaking guests, Juan Auffant with Sensational Ceremonies captured the love the two shared through his words. Guests were overwhelmed with emotion and their truly wasn’t a dry eye in the house. After sharing their vows and a quick first kiss, the couple headed back in while guests headed to cocktail hour.

After guests headed off, we brought our couple back out along with their family to pose for family photos where their “I Do’s” took place. Newlywed portraits were extremely important to my couple and they truly wanted as much time as possible. With a handful of family photos shot, we scooted off in our golf carts to explore the bridges further off on the golf course. Brick bridges with waterfalls were absolutely everywhere. We went with two bridge options that were back to back to make for a quick walk and ease of moving my couple. Some of my favorite shots are the reflections of the couple in the water as they smile sweetly at the camera.
The reception was filled with just as much love as the ceremony. The couple made a toast to their friends and family thanking them for being a part of their special day. The toast was incredibly heartwarming and started the night off right! Guests were excited to get on the dance floor and party the night away right after dinner. As much fun as our first hour of dancing was, the second hour was my favorite. Paola and Jorge surprised everyone with “Loco Hour” where they passed out silly hats, goofy glasses, loud whistles, and balloons galore on the dance floor. I am loving the action and excitement that just jumps out from the photos!
Our night ended with a sparkler send off and the two leaving in their getaway golf cart. Wishing these two the absolute best in their journey through life together!

Venue: The Royal Crest Room

Hair & Makeup: Znobbeauty

Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies

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    beautiful wedding photos.

    their personality shines through and it looks like they made it their own by including the loco hour with all those photo booth props.

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