Park Avenue Engagement Winter Park

Audrey & Chris’ Park Ave. Engagement in Winter Park

Audrey and Chris met me out in the City of Winter Park off Park Ave. for their adorable downtown engagement. When first chatting with Audrey about her vision for their engagement, she really wanted a fountain and a little bit of downtown. Park Ave. and my favorite fountain across from Casa Feliz immediately came to mind. After checking out the location before our shoot, Audrey and Chris were over the moon with the suggestion and our downtown engagement planning began.

My two lovebirds actually met during their first week of college. The two were part of a big group of friends that hung out often, but it wasn’t until their third year at Georgia Tech when the group took a trip to Panama City Beach, Florida that Audrey began to fall for Chris. Little did she know, Chris had a crush on her for months before their trip and worked up the courage to ask our out on an official date shortly after arriving back at school. As Audrey describes it, “he asked me on a date and the rest is history!”

The two are absolute naturals in front of the camera and were such a pleasure to photograph. Their silliness and playfulness is so beautiful depicted in their images that truly capture their sweet personalities. True to their nature, Audrey loves how Chris is just so much fun to be around and that he always can make her laugh at herself and just have fun in life. On a silly note, Audrey also mentioned, “I also love that we play board games so much and are super competitive with each other even in silly games.” Chris couldn’t agree more with Audrey, in that he also loves how he never has to worry about “growing up and being boring” with Audrey, because she always knows how to make him laugh. Seriously – cuteness overload!

It is incredible to write, but truly these two just read one another so well. Before I would even begin to give a little helper for direction of how to pose, they would naturally fall into one another. I thought to myself that Chris must have had to be extra super secretive about his proposal, because Audrey can read his mind – hehe! They let me know that on the day Chris was going to propose he actually texted Audrey and asked if she wanted to come over for her favorite dinner of fondue that night at his place. Being super nonchalant helped with her not realizing something was up! Little did she know, her favorite dinner would be even more than she expected!

Upon arriving Audrey was greeted with all her favorite things, including raspberries, wine, mint chocolate chip ice cream AND strawberry ice cream – what a sweet tooth! Still completely clueless at this point, she hugged him thanking him for the surprise and noticed his heart was racing. Chris’ heart almost gave away his biggest secret that was yet to come! Dropping to one knee, he asked Audrey for her hand in marriage, and she ecstatically said “yes!” Audrey still can’t believe how in shock she was thinking it was just an extra special dinner and reflecting back now, it all makes sense with how fast his heart was beating!

Jumping back to our session, I was so excited to find out the two have started looking at venues in Savannah, Georgia for a downtown historic feel possibly by the river front. As we walked and talked about their engagement, it was clear to see how in love they were. From the sweet kisses on Audrey’s head to the extra tight bear hug – Chris found his darling and Audrey found the man of her dreams!

Venue: Downtown Winter Park

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