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Mikaela & Tim’s Leu Gardens Engagement

Mikaela and Tim met me out at Leu Gardens in Winter Park, Florida for their gorgeous botanical inspired engagement among the natural Florida foliage.  The 80+ acre park was the perfect stop for their engagement session on their way to enjoy Disney with one another after.

I feel as though I have known Mikaela and Tim for forever, from their love of Maine to just absolutely sheer warmth of their aura.  It was incredible to find out that they actually met in Maine when we spoke about places we had traveled, specifically Castine, Maine.  Both Mikaela and Tim were attending Maine Maritime Academy at the time when they met.  Mikaela’s first day on campus for ROTC and volleyball pre-season, she met Tim, one of the upper-classmen, who was helping out with ROTC.  Attraction was instant for both of them, but it wasn’t until a few weeks later when they started talking after classes.  From college sweethearts to lifelong love, the two have been inseparable since.

Truly one another’s best friend, they enjoy spending days their days together with their puppies.  From working on and playing with their Jeeps to relaxing at home, the two just enjoy spending time in one another’s company.

Tim’s proposal to Mikaela was the perfect start to their proposal.  Lining up a weekend getaway to Disney, Tim and Mikaela had their hearts set on getting a nice picture of the two in front of the castle.  Little did Mikaela know that Tim’s heart was set on much more than just a picture, but also a proposal!

Storms rolling in that morning, Tim hastily drove to Disney, which surprised Mikaela.  She kept telling him that it was completely fine if they didn’t get to take the picture, but Tim was insistent that they make it based on the time they had in mind.  Tim’s driving persistence worked and the two made it in time before the weather changed.  Heading into the parks, Mikaela attempted to stop at different photography lines along Main Street, but Tim wanted to get as clsoe as possible to the castle.

Finally finding the perfect photography line and photographer, Mikaela was also surprised when Tim jumped out of line to shake the photographer’s hand and introduce himself – while a little confusing, Mikaela didn’t think much more of it after.  With the photographer motioning for the two to step in front for their picture, a second photographer came over with a pillow that had a tiara on it.  Over the moon with excitement, Mikaela had always wanted to try one on and of course said yes when they asked if she would like to wear it for the picture.  Turning back to Tim after having the tiara placed on her head, she was in shock to find him kneeling before her – her prince – holding up a ring, as he asked for her to marry him.  The next thing, well noise, she heard was a whistle which was the ‘signal’ for both of their families to come out from hiding!  Mikaela turned to Tim and of course said, well screamed, “yes!”  Tim’s family drove down from Long Island and Mikaela’s family drove down from South Carolina, just to be there for the special moment.  Completely still in shock, the family took a picture together – just in the nick of time as the rain began to pour.  The timing, the moment, and proposal could not have been any more perfect!

Mikaela and Tim ensure to put one another first in their lives, whether it be daily decisions or wedding planning.  When it comes to wedding planning, Mikaela and Tim use the same guidance in ensuring that as they plan for their big day to keep in mind that while you may not please everyone, your wedding day is for the two of you and to keep that in mind.

Looking forward to capturing my sweethearts this September in the historic city of St. Augustine at the gorgeous Treasury on the Plaza!

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