Plaza Resort Wedding

Katie & Cameron’s Plaza Resort Wedding

Plaza Resort Wedding

Katie and Cameron tied the knot during their Plaza Resort & Spa wedding in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Having worked at the Plaza Resort for several years, Katie knew it would be the absolute best location for an old Florida feel.  A Florida coast ceremony on the veranda overlooking the ocean, combined with the vintage style ballroom that incorporated large pillars and deep wood tones, the mix was perfection for their wedding day theme.

Reconnecting After High School

Having met in high school and living close in proximity, the two became fast friends and would go to and from school together along with hanging out in the local park.  After graduation, the two drifted apart while attending college, but reconnected towards the end of graduation.  Cameron had asked Katie out a few times, but due to their hectic schedules, it felt like it was almost impossible at first.  Finally finding a day, specifically September 18th, to go out for drinks, both were unsure if they were meeting up to reconnect as friends or if it was a date.  Well, it definitely ended up being a date as soon as they realized they both had feelings for one another.  Spending time together felt like old times, but now adults, love became the foundation of their relationship.

A Maine Proposal

It wasn’t long for their love to grow and for the two to realize they had found their forever in one another.  While on a vacation with Katie’s family to Maine, Cameron planned out his proposal and asked her father for her hand in marriage.  Suggesting a hike to one of Maine’s many beautiful lighthouses, Katie agreed and the two headed out for a moment along away from the group.  When they reached the perfect spot, Cameron pulled out ‘the ring’ and asked for Katie’s hand in marriage.  She of course said, “yes!”

Wedding Day at the Plaza Resort & Spa

Through all of the wedding planning, it felt like their time of being ‘fiances’ flew by when their wedding day came.  Greeting our bride in her hotel suite, I was excited to see Katie again.  Organized and thorough, Katie had the key details set aside for us to photograph, along with a cute robe shots of her and her girls, before getting into her dress.  Two stories up from Katie’s room, Cameron and his guys were also getting ready.  Of course, guys being guys, we decided the tighter quarters wasn’t the right fit to Cameron’s style, which was when we surprised him with shots downstairs by the bar for his getting ready time.  Katie loved the idea when we suggested it to her, and knew Cameron would too.  With getting ready completed for both our bride and groom, we set off for their first look in the grand hallway leading to their ballroom.

Excited, nervous, and overjoyed to see Katie sum up perfectly the emotions Cameron was seeing.  The long walk through the grand hallway to Cameron felt like a dream as Katie’s smile shined even brighter approaching him.  Turning to see Katie, Cameron was absolutely ‘wow’d’ by her!  Ahead of schedule, I added in newlywed portraits and bridal party portraits in the grand hallway, which we knew would end up being hard to day later on since guests would be enjoying cocktail hour.  The old Florida style felt perfect and our couple loved the sneak peeks we showed them!

A bright and beautiful ceremony took place outside on the veranda along with family formal portraits.  Having captured our bridal party beforehand, we were able to give our couple time back with their guests by being able to go to cocktail hour.  Reception entrances soon followed, along with formal dances – side note, Cameron’s mom totally worked the dance floor! – and dining soon ensued.  Dancing filled the night before a sweet goodbye with our couple.

Wishing Katie and Cameron a beautiful life together filled with the same happiness they felt on their special day!


Venue: Plaza Resort & Spa

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