Porcher House Wedding

Adrienne and Colin’s Porcher House Wedding – Cocoa Beach Wedding Photographer

Adrienne Keeley and Colin McNutt tied the knot during their outdoor wedding at The Porcher House in downtown Cocoa Beach and partied the day away at The Veranda Room in Merritt Island. The two envisioned a day filled with friends and family that was elegant and natural at the historic plantation. The home is truly breathtaking and the minimal decorations create a simplistic beauty.

The Porcher House was original built in 1914 by Edward Porcher. The 20th century classical revival architecture was adapted to be built with Florida climate in mind. From the native coquina rock to the staircase made of teak wood, every detail was lovingly throughout. Ironically enough, Adrienne’s mom had always pictured her daughter’s wedding at the venue. Throughout the years, she mentioned it a few times to Adrienne and when the time finally came, Adrienne knew that mom was right! It was perfect.

Our day started off at the beautiful home where we met up with the girls to capture Adrienne’s details, a fun little champagne toast with her bestie Maureen Deegan, and of course putting on her wedding dress. While the girls were ‘popping bottles’ upstairs, the guys were downstairs putting on their boutonnieres. I was teasing Colin that the girls were definitely partying it up compared to him and his groomsmen – I mean they even had music going! Of course though, true to Colin’s nature, my handsome groom and his groomsmen were more low key hanging out before the big moment.

Colin actually first met Adrienne while at work. Adrienne at the time was a waitress and he was a cook in the back. They would make small talk at the window when she would pick up food, but Colin didn’t have the slightest clue that their small talk was more of flirtation. Adrienne made it known one fateful night when the two met up at a mutual friend’s get together. Truly ying and yang, Adrienne’s extrovert personality completely captivated Colin’s more introverted quiet side.

Standing on the grand steps leading into the home outside, Colin waited for his darling bride to be. Adrienne’s aura was absolutely radiating with yellow and blush as she walked down the aisle towards her husband to be. Family portraits followed their ceremony along with wedding party and newlywed shots.

For newlywed portraits, we utilized the beauty and elegance of the architecture inside and outside the home. From the grand staircase to the white wainscoting walls, the space was beautiful for my beautiful couple. Before heading off to our reception, Adrienne wanted to grab a few shots outside near a staircase she had seen in pictures. My oh my what a great catch! Adrienne found the perfect whimsical spot that was hidden from view and even blocked off by a gate. Standing quietly and untouched was a beautiful little staircase draped with vines. It was almost as though the most forgotten about spot of the home knew it was the most beautiful.

A five minutes drive away, we headed over to my newlyweds reception where guests were enjoying cocktail hour catered by Catering by Gem. The reception was located at The Veranda Room, a hidden gem in downtown Merritt Island. You may notice an angelic script on many of the signs, which was actually hand written by Adrienne! My bride did a fabulous job in tying a French country side theme in throughout both venues, from roses, shades of blush, baby’s breath, and gold accent details. Even Colin had the most chic blush bow tie on to match the theme!

The two were cheered by guests as they entered for their announcements. Toasts by Adrienne’s maid of honor and Colin’s best man followed along with both of their dads speaking for a few moments. Adrienne’s step-dad reminisced of when he first met her and the ‘powers’ he found out she had. From starting fires in elementary school to throwing parties while him and her mom were out of town, Adrienne was definitely a wild child with a whole love of heart. Colin’s father recalled Colin’s quieter side where he still secretly thinks he is part of the special forces by only sharing on an ‘as need to know basis.’ Truly the two fathers captured their personalities so perfectly and how they are the perfect match for one another by bringing out the best in one another.

Our day ended with a sweet cupcake cutting and some fabulous dancing with DJing by Shane Entertainment. Wishing these two an absolutely beautiful life together back home in Tallahassee!


Ceremony Venue – Porcher House

Reception Venue – The Veranda Room

Catering – Catering by Gem

Makeup Artistry – Let’s Make Up by Corrin Hallett

Hair Artistry – Elizabeth Gunther at  Michael Evan Salon Company

Floral Artistry – Awesome Blossom Bridal Boutique

Cake Artistry – Merri Cakes – Merritt Island

DJ – Shane Entertainment DJ Shane Entertainment DJs

Bridal Shop – David’s Bridal

Bridal Shoe Shop – Target

Officiant – Stacey Bunworth

Men’s Salon – Men’s Wearhouse

Ring Shop – Marks and Morgan Jewelers in Jensen Beach

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