How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Veil

Bridal Tips: Picking the Perfect Veil

Picking out a wedding veil can be just as difficult as picking out your dress or just as easy.  You may know the perfect veil when you see it, or you might find the helpful tips below just what you needed to identify what veil fits you best.

Length – the length of the veil should both complement your style and the dress.  For example, my darling bride Haley had a birdcage veil that sat gently on top of her head and went just past her eyes, while my sweet bride Christine had a full length cathedral veil for her traditional wedding that went well past the train of her dress.  Both veils were the perfect fit for their personalities and type of wedding.  I found a fabulous article on Southbound Bride about the different veil lengths that can be found by clicking here or using the following link:  Also in addition to your own personal style, consider the style of your dress when picking a veil.  For example, a cathedral length veil with a Juliet cap (lace piece on top of your head on the veil) may be stunning, but might be awkward with a more modern, knee length gown.

Color – the color of your veil is also very important.  I am all about pops of color in really showcasing your theme throughout your wedding day.  Many of my brides will chose a silver jeweled veil that complements the silver color in their theme.  In addition to the silver or gold applique on the veil, consider the color of the tulle used to make the veil.  A soft ivory veil and a traditional white wedding dress may both be stunningly beautiful, but when combined together may not complement well due to the difference in color.

Blusher – I just love blushers on full length veils and find the tradition of the groom moving back the blusher from a bride’s face absolutely beautiful.  A blusher is the extra piece of tulle that goes on top of the veil itself or may be fully attached to the veil.  Blushers can be that perfect extra touch to a veil, but the additional layer of fabric may create a top layer of poof.  Definitely a personal preference, done with the right veil a blusher can be a stunning option.

No Veil – with so many options to choose from, sometimes the best option is no option at all.  A lot of my brides are forgoing having a veil and instead incorporating jeweled headpieces or a boho chic look to their hair.

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Veil

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