Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Bridal Tips: Wedding Day Emergency Kit

This past weekend I was scoping out a few wedding shops and found the most adorable “Wedding Day Emergency Kit.”  To my surprise though, I found a bunch of “must haves” missing from the kit and thought it would be a great idea to share tips for putting together your Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

  1. Safety Pins – One out of two of my brides need a safety pin for one thing or another on their big day.  Safety pins can be used to clip wedding gowns to your undergarments in case your wedding day diet worked a little too well, holding back hair – yep this does the trick in a pinch if a bobby pin is not around, pinning up a bustle if the buttons break, and clipping a boutonniere to a groom’s suit if the floral pins are not enough.  I would recommend getting small and medium size pins.
  2. Bobby Pins – Bobby pins in all colors for you, mom, and your bridesmaids will really come in handy.  Whether it is a last minute fixe before your walk down the aisle or putting your hair up during reception, a few bobby pins will go a long way!
  3. Band-aids – You never know when you might have a little cut from last minute shaving.  As long as it is hidden, a band-aid will come in handy from anything getting on your dress.
  4. Scissors – From cutting the tags off your dress to snipping a few fly aways, scissors really are a must!
  5. Sewing Kit – A sewing kit with extra white thread is important and should be packed away for both the bride and groom.  I cannot tell you how many grooms I have had to do last minute hemming on their pants for!  Make sure you both have a back up kit just in case.
  6. Blotting Tissues – I personally like the blue ones from Clean & Clear found here.  They do the trick to remove perspiration without taking off your makeup if you dab lightly, but of course always ask your makeup artist for their opinion.
  7. Regular Tissues – Wedding day sometimes bring tears – you will be crying, your bridesmaids will be crying, your mom will be crying, guests will be crying – it’s going to be a hot mess of happy and joyful tears, so be prepared with a few tissues.
  8. Hair Spray – Let’s get real for a moment – we live in Florida and the humidity can frizz out our fro!  Bring some extra hair spray just in case!
  9. Tummy and Headache Help – I am going to be somewhat vague here, as everyone uses different things.  Butterflies in your tummy and a headache from a little too much champagne may happen so be prepared with whatever you use to help.
  10. Maid of Honor – Okay, okay, your MOH shouldn’t be packed away, but she is an essential.  It is her duty to help with last minute items whether it be one last check to make sure your makeup looks flawless or fluffing your dress at the end of your walk down the aisle.

Let me know your tips for putting together the perfect wedding day emergency kit by leaving a comment below!

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