Tampa Bay Lightning Engagement

Marissa & Mark’s Tampa Bay Lightning Inspired Engagement – Captured by Samantha

My soon “to be’s” Marissa and Mark knew that for their engagement session, they just had to incorporate a little bit of their favorite team – the Tampa Bay Lightning.  While living a few hours away from their team, they still visit from time to time to see games and root the TBL on!

Marissa never would have guessed that taking her chances at a job fair would also lead to taking a chance at love.  Back in 2009, Marissa’s Aunt Colleen invited her to join along to attend a job fair for the company she was working with at the time.  While waiting in line for an interview, Marissa noticed Mark standing behind her.  Too shy at the time, Marissa didn’t let on to her interest in Mark, but fate had other plans for her future.  Fast forward a few months, Marissa and her Aunt Colleen were both training new hires (yep, she got the job!).  As the new hires came in, Marissa could not believe her eyes – one of the newbies was the cute guy that she had been too shy to say “hi” two a few months prior – Mark!  Colleen had lucked out with having him assigned to her to train, and of course switched with Marissa she she could introduce herself.  Spending that first day together training opened the door for hours of conversation, which also opened the door to their future together.  The two officially began dating on Valentine’s Day and have never been separated since!

Support and patience are the two leading attributes of Mark that Marissa fell deeply in love with.  As she explains, “he doesn’t ask for anything in return, and truly does whatever needs to be done to better our lives.” From his goofy personality – that always had Marissa smiling during their engagement session – to the way he supports her through school, Mark just loves to make the love of his life in one word – happy.  For Mark, he loves how ‘black and white’ Marissa is, in that she says what she means, and means what she says.  There is no guessing for him on how she feels, and in turn they have always had an incredible level of communication.

Jumping ahead a few years, it was Christmas of 2017 when Mark popped the question.  Designated as the “present passer” to hand out gifts to their family and friends, Marissa had noticed that as the gifts wound down she had yet to receive one from Mark.  Of course, Mark had a surprise up his sleeve – or well in his pocket! – and pulled out a little ring box at the last hour.  Kneeling down in front of Marissa, he asked for her hand in marriage and of course she said, “yes!”  The moment felt standstill just between them, but at the same time lovingly shared with Marissa’s family!

Venue: Mead Botanical Garden

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