Top Five Engagement Session Tips

Bridal Tips: Five Fabulous Tips for your Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are such an incredible way to capture your love at the start of your wedding planning journey. Many of our couples ask us for tips when preparing for their engagement session, so we thought we would share our top five recommendations!

1. Outfits – I must say that I completely disagree with the majority of advice online about ‘what to wear’ outfit wise.  I find that many articles tend to lean on the more, well to be quite honest, boring side of dressing.  Many of the ‘don’t’s’ that I have read include not to wear patterns or vibrant colors, but I could not disagree more!  Florals are my absolute favorite and looks so vivacious against the many greenery backdrops we have in Florida.  I love button downs, which some articles I have ready say are too dressy, but you can easily transition a button down into a more casual look by having rolled up sleeves.  Taylor and Chris looked absolutely stunning during their engagement with this look in mind!

Disney Bounding Engagement

With plenty of time during your engagement session, consider opting for two outfits for two different looks.  While I love a dressy casual look, like the ones described above, I also love when our couples create an authentic and unique look that representatives the two of them – whether it is a passion they share together or a sports team they love.  Joe and Brooklyn surprised me with a little magic by wearing “Disney Bounding” outfits, which is the style of recreating an inspired look from your favorite Disney character.  I just love their Little Mermaid inspired style!

2. Shine Up Your Engagement Ring – a visual promise of forever together, your engagement ring should always be brought along and worn during your engagement session.  It is such a sentimental piece of jewelry and of course deserves a little spotlight of its own!  Take a moment to shine your ring with jewelry cloth or have it professionally cleaned.  Our macro lenses can see all of the fine details!  Angelyn’s rose gold diamond engagement ring has to be one of my top fav rings to have ever photographed!  Sitting on top of her vintage purse, it really blinged-out in photos!

Gemini Springs Engagement

3. Location, location, location! – with so many absolutely stunning locations in Florida, we have – what I feel – are endless possibilities for beautiful backdrops.  From a botanical style engagement at Mead Gardens or Leu Gardens, to a Colorado feel at one of my all time favorite spots Lake Louisa State Park, to a downtown style in the graffiti district of St Pete, the options vary in style and feel.  For tip number three, pick a location ‘style’ that keeps the two of you in mind.  For example, if you both love the downtown lights and lifestyle – rarely visiting parks – why would you have your engagement session at a park?  Or, if you are a big nature hiker and love taking in picturesque views of rolling hills, the downtown style would not be the best fit.  For examples of beautiful engagement locations, check out our engagement galleries at

4. Hair and Makeup – three words – keep it natural!  For your wedding day, you may want to have a little more of a bold look, but for your engagement consider keeping a more natural look.  The reason being – on your wedding day you will be dressed in ‘the dress,’ which will have a more glamorous look verses your fav everyday clothes that you may where to your engagement session.  Another recommendation – opt to go with a look that you have created time and time again yourself or with your trusted hair and makeup artist.  That way, you know you will love it right off the bat!

Playground Engagement

5. Props & Poses – should I bring props and what poses should I plan for?  While we love signs and trinkets, too many of these may weigh down the session from feeling more natural.  Bringing along one of two of your favorites to incorporate can always be fun, but opt to pass on anymore than two so the session can be focused on capturing the two of you naturally vibe together.  Poses can also be fun, and my oh my does Pinterest have a world of options.  However, when looking at a cute pose online and trying to replicate in your session, it may not feel natural to the two of you, as it was to the couple creating it.  I always think back to my sweethearts Adriana and Douglas’ engagement session.  While we found the absolute cutest playground pose of being upside down on swings, the poses that felt more natural to them were cuddling up on the swings.  The two had a more intimate vibe, and combined with the adorable playground backdrop, made for one of my top favorite unique location engagements!

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