Wedding Day Design

Bridal Tips: Wedding Day Design

Wedding Day Design

For this month’s bridal tips, we wanted to dive into wedding day design.  From color schemes to a central theme, there are so many beautiful ways you can incorporate design and color in a cohesive manner throughout your wedding decor and attire.  Below five tips in doing so!

Define Your Style

Before even jumping into purchasing items or picking colors, first figure out your style.  A few good questions to ask yourselves are: What colors do we love most?  What time of year will it be seasonally? Do we have a theme in mind, maybe Disney, Game of Thrones, the beach, etc.?  With these questions answered – narrow down your top three favorite design choices and plan from there.


Let’s be real – while there are is an abundance of colors to pick from, you may typically see similar timeless choices at weddings, such as pastel pink, chardonnay, navy, gray, succulent green, champagne, gold, silver, forest green, sky blue, ivory, and lavender.  After picking your favorite color, consider adding a complimentary color or introducing additional shades of that color.

For example, Brianna incorporated the use of shades in her bridesmaids’ dresses through different pinks and purples.

Wedding Day Design

Incorporate Throughout

Once you have your primary color set in place, think about how you can incorporate it throughout your wedding design.  For example, utilizing the color chardonnay as their primary color, Fahima and Kyle tied in the color throughout their decor through bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s boutonnières, the flower arch above their ceremony, and even the floral on their reception tables.

Wedding Day Design Wedding Day Design Wedding Day Design

Theme or No Theme?

Florida, home to beautiful beaches and the most magical place on earth – Disney – we have had the opportunity to see a variety of wedding day themes.

For Mikaela and Tim, absolute lovers of all things Disney, they wanted to incorporate the magic of Disney into their wedding day.  Not only was it where Tim proposed (right in front of Cinderella’s Castle), but a place they have shared many memories together with their families.  While their wedding did not take place at Disney, they tied in their love of the mouse through little details – like hidden Mickey’s in their cake (seriously still could not find them by the end of the night), Mickey rhinestone details in Mikaela’s bouquet, Mickey cufflinks, and songs from Disney movies.

Wedding Day Design Wedding Day Design

Kesley and Scott tied the knot on the beach at Zota Beach Resort in St Pete, and created a beachy vibe through both their ceremony and reception by basing decisions off of a beach theme.  Key decor included palm leaves mixed into Kesley’s bouquet and their ceremony arch, along with a delicious cake that was layered with seashells on each tier.

Wedding Day Design

Seasonal Design

Unsure of a theme or even a color?  Try basing decisions seasonally.  During Winter, we find more deeper hues, while Summer tends to be more light and pastel.  A recent favorite of mine came from Elizabet and Randy’s wedding, that took place during Fall.  Using a Fall color scheme of oranges and reds, even introducing a few pumpkins throughout, the two created a warmth in their color choice, which really popped against the backdrop of their greenery covered venue.

Wedding Day Design

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