Winter Garden Engagement

Katie & Jared’s Winter Garden Engagement – Captured by Whitney

Winter Garden Engagement

Katie and Jared will soon be tying the knot at the Golden Bear Club, but in the meantime celebrated their upcoming nuptials with a gorgeous engagement session in Downtown Winter Garden!

How They Met

We met on the dating app Bumble! It was August 2018. After chatting on the app about what we did for work and coffee (something we both love) we realized we actually had been going to the same church for years, just at different locations. Our church has two campuses; Jared had been going to the campus in Winter Garden and Katie had been going to the campus near Disney. After realizing we had that in common, we couldn’t wait to meet each other. We went to Epcot for our first date and met each other in person for the first time right underneath Spaceship Earth. We clicked instantly; our first date was so much fun and even lasted seven and a half hours! After going on more dates like kayaking, getting coffee, and going to church together, Jared asked Katie to be his girlfriend on September 15, 2018.

What They Love Most

We both love how we can always have fun together no matter what we do. We both love how we can always be silly together and make each other laugh. Jared loves how Katie is always so positive, sweet, and kind. Katie loves Jared’s kind heart, his thoughtfulness, and how he can always make everyone laugh. Silliness and laughter is important to both of us and we are so thankful that we have the exact same sense of humor and can share that together!

The Proposal

We got engaged on our one year anniversary, September 15, 2019. We went on vacation to San Fransisco to visit some friends, and this trip  just so happen to land during our one year anniversary. We had a fun first day in San Fransisco sight seeing, and towards the evening our friends wanted to show us a beautiful garden in the mountains in Calistoga, California. We drove up a winding mountain, and when we arrived Katie was really in awe of how beautiful it was up there. Our friends walked around with us and were giving us a tour of the garden, but suddenly had to “leave to go use the restroom.” Jared brought Katie over to a gazebo surrounded by flowers. Jared asked Katie to sit down at the gazebo, and he pulled out a journal from his backpack. Katie was getting suspicious as to what was happening after their friends left, but then realized that they must have just wanted to give her and Jared some alone time so we could show her the journal. In the journal were entries he had written about their first dates and when they became an official couple. They reminisced on fun memories as Jared read the journal entries to Katie. When he finished reading, Jared said he had one more thing for her on their anniversary. He then said it actually wasn’t a thing, it was a question. Katie then knew what was about to happen! Jared pulled the ring out of his backpack and proposed! Katie said yes!! Later, we got to celebrate with our friends and call our families and let them know the exciting news. We got to spend the rest of the week celebrating in San Fransisco and enjoying our vacation as an engaged couple!

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