Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding

Rachel & Nick’s Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding

Rachel and Nick tied the knot during their Cypress Grove Estate House wedding in Orlando, Florida. My sweethearts envisioned a day filled with rustic themed attributes along with a gorgeous lake view at the estate house that would be filled with the love and laughter of their friends and family.

You may remember my sweethearts from their chilly woodsy engagement session. Draped in sweaters, suede, and plaid the two met me out at a local park for some snuggled up shots. After meeting my darlings, I knew that their wedding would be just as lively as their personalities and couldn’t wait to celebrate their big day with them.

Nick first laid eyes on Rachel when they worked tighter at Nascar Sports Grille in Universal Citywalk. At the time, Rachel was working as a server there while in college when Nick was hired on as a server as well. Arriving for her shift that day, Rachel found out she would be training the newbie who just so happened to be Nick. Walking up to Nick she immediately had a crush on him and vice versa. Their training turned into friendship as the two continued to work together side by side over the next few years. It wasn’t until 2014 when Nick invited Rachel to an Orlando City soccer game that was part of a work function. Rachel couldn’t wait to spend some time with Nick who had become her good friend, but to her dismay immediately upon arriving she kept getting hit on by one of the guys who was also at the event. Whispering to Nick, she asked him to be her “pretend boyfriend” to get the guy to leave her alone. As Rachel reminisces, “I know, totally middle school behavior, but it worked though and we were able to enjoy the rest of our night without being hassled.”

After the game, Nick asked Rachel out on an actual date since they had been pretending all day. Take off guard but super excited, the two had an incredible night together that led to many more!

With their relationship build on a strong foundation of friendship, the two have become one another’s best friend. Nick loves how goofy and outgoing Rachel is and that she is always up to have a good time. Rachel loves how easy going and calm Nick is that no matter what the situation may be, “he has a soothing way about him that allows him to calm” her down when she feels overwhelmed.

After dating and living together for just one year, the two knew it was true love. They enjoyed every minute of every moment they spent together and never wanted to be apart. Nick was ready to propose – but how was more of the question.

The two deicded to celebrate their one year anniversary and Nick’s birthday, which just so happen to be one day apart, by booking a cruise for Key West and Cozumel, Mexico. It would be a ‘first’ in that they had never cruised together. Nick knew it would be the perfect time and started planning for how he would pop the question.

Boarding the ship, Rachel thinks back now on so many little moments she didn’t catch on to Nick wanting to propose on the cruise. From him being eerie about checking their luggage to booking an excursion without her knowing, he was acting a little different than normal. Upon awaking from her nap after a morning of bar hopping and shopping in Key West, Nick surprised Rachel with an excursion to the Mayan Ruins. Unfortunately his excitement did not translate, as Rachel wasn’t a big history nut, but went along with it knowing it was his birthday in addition to their vacation.

Arriving in Mexico and jumping off the cruise boat, the two immediately boarded a small ship with a one hour sail time. Finally arriving back to land once again, they found out they had another hour long bus ride to the ruins. Rachel at the time couldn’t hold back being a little grumpy and with the bus not having a/c thought she was going to die of heat stroke. Fortunately the ruins were jaw dropping and their long travel time was worth the wait. Climbing to one of the highest points, Nick turned to Rachel and asked if she “would like to go on an adventure with him.” Rachel a wee bit confused said “yes” and that was when Nick dropped to one knee and asked told her that he wanted to go on adventures with her the rest of their lives. In total shock and excitement Rachel screamed “yes” and kissed and hugged her travel companion for life.

Jumping back to their wedding day… I must admit I knew it would be epic upon seeing Nick and his crazy groomsmen. Our first image taken was of the group partying it up while waiting to line up for their walk down the aisle. Rachel and her girls at the time were getting ready upstairs in the darling bridal suite. Before taking their walk down the aisle though, Rachel shared a very sweet moment with her dad with the two of them sharing a ‘daddy-daughter first look.’ It was sweet, genuine, and dad was overwhelmed with excitement to walk his baby girl down the aisle.

While the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked in from the first level, our bride Rachel made her grand entrance down the iconic white two story staircase from the top floor. Guests were in awe as she made her way down the aisle on the arm of her father in her stunning Essence of Australia gown. Holding back the tears, Rachel and Nick said their vows, exchanged rings, and shared their very first kiss at Mr. and Mrs. Buellesbach!

Heading down the aisle and to the front of the Cypress Grove Estate House, we quickly captured family and wedding party portraits. It took quite a bit for my silly group to be a little more serious with smiles, but they pulled it off before their laughter got the best of them. I must say that the guys rather impressed me by their jumping photos and the girls were just jaw droppingly beautiful among the rose garden. However as much as I loved our wedding party portraits, I am just too in love with newlywed portraits. I am completely biased in my favorite part of each and every wedding – newlywed photos. Our time in the rose garden was just so beautiful with our sweethearts and watching them walk away to their ceremony was heartwarming.

A grand entrance to their ceremony was just the first of many. The two entered their reception to the tune of Michael Jackson with an adorable dance down the staircase. Toasts shortly followed by Rachel’s Maid of Honor Sarah Robbins and Nick’s Best Man Alex Buellesbach. DJ FyerFly had the party going all night until their final grand exit that ended in a bubble sendoff jumping into a black limo.

Wishing my darlings a beautiful life together filled with adventure!


Venue: Cypress Grove Estate House at Cypress Grove Park

Getting Ready Venue: Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort

Coordinator & Rentals: RW Events, LLC

Caterer: Big City Catering, Inc.

Makeup & Hair: Once Upon A Beauty Hair & Makeup

Florist: Windermere Flowers & Gifts

Cake & Cupcakes: Kellie Walsh

DJ: FyerFly Productions

Officiant: Sensational Ceremonies, LLC

Dress Shop: The Perfect Dress

Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Shoes: kate spade for Keds

Men’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Ring Shop: Zales

Ring Designer: Vera Wang

Videographer: Corner House Photography

Photobooth: Our DJ Rocks

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